Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A LOSS !!!

I have a loss!! FINALLY, the scales have been saying half a kilo gone for about 3 days now, so must be true! And my fluid retention seems to be much much better, so maybe having no coke is finally making a difference? YA BLOODY HOO !

Am feeling lots better after my fall, and after I do the school/kindy run I am off to the gym with my gym buddy Janet... and maybe we can even go for a walk outside... it's fine !!! Amazing, it's been so darn wet lately, about time we had a fine day.

Next week my daily routine is going to change.... I feel like crying.... it's taken so long to come! Once Griffin is at school I can go to the gym, do aqua jogging classes at lunchtime, and just have 6 whole hours to myself.... I SO CAN'T WAIT. Roll on monday.
till later...
My BABY is 17 today!!! Mike was supposed to be my last baby.... and kinda always will be... ha ha. He got an electric shaver from Stew and me, he needed it too. Like Steve, his whiskers are ginger, but is a blonde on top. I just went and bought a gorgeous chocolate cake for him.

Did a 5km walk with Janet this morning, didn't feel too bad afterwards. Tonight is Dog Obedience Training with Izzy, hope she's good. Last week she didn't do anything I told her to do, what a tart!

Til later..... Just back from dog training, Izzy was soooo good! It does help that she just LOVES Sizzler sausages, and I use them as her treats! lol
Here is Mike getting ready to blow out his birthday cake candles.... normally we wouldn't bother (his being a big guy now), but Brylee and Griffin expect everyone to have a birthday cake!
So, have had a lovely day really, no dramas, did everything I wanted and got all me jobs done.
STEPS : 11053
WATER : 2.5 litres (No coke)
GYM : Yes!
WALK to town : Yes!


  1. Half a kilo gone......YAY!!!!

    All your babies at school next week....how lovely. 6 hours to yourself HA I don't believe it, you will be running around like a mad women and I bet you don't spend anytime on yourself.

  2. Good for you on the loss. I couldn't even imagine having 6 hours of free time. Enjoy every minute :).

  3. Hi Chris - thanks for sharing those photos! Wow, you really did well and that surgery must have been scary but necessary. The thing you should be most proud of is that you are back at it, not letting the weight all creep back on.

  4. First Day Of School

    He started school this morning,
    but he seems so very small.
    As I walked there beside him
    to his classroom up the hall.

    And as he took his place beside
    the others in the class,
    I realised how all too soon
    those first few years can pass.

    Remembering, I saw him as
    he first learned how to walk.
    The words that we alone made out
    when he began to talk.

    This little boy so much absorbed
    in learning how to write.
    It seems as though he must have grown to boyhood overnight.

    My eyes were blurred but hastily
    I brushed the tears away
    Lest by some word or sign of mine
    I marr his first big day.

    Oh how I longed to stay with him
    I was so filled with pride,
    but I knew he was no longer a
    baby by my side.

    He must have his chance to live, to work his problems out,
    The privilege to grow and learn
    is what lifes all about.

    I now must share my little boy
    with others who'll help show the way,
    He's not a baby anymore,
    He is starting school today.

    Dear Chris,
    yay, for half a kilo gone, but we all knew you could do that, your little man going off to school, now THATS a big deal. To an awesome lady as your little guy reaches a major milestone.

  5. Aww - what a lovely poem!

    That's fantastic the scales are moving for you!

  6. Anonymous8:10 PM

    congrats on the loss!!! well done!!

    steph :)

  7. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Well done on the loss this week....half a kilo is good, what is a good idea is to weigh something out i.e. butter, sausages etc to the weight of half a kilo....visual incentive to carry on and great.

    Happy Birthday Mike!!

    I'm glad you went to the dr to have your foot checked out.

    Have a good day.
    Take care
    Linda x

  8. Congrats on the scales going down. You deserve it. Glad you are feeling better but I can't believe you finished the painting at the weekend. You are a real motivation Chris.


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