Friday, November 03, 2006


Usual start to the day, except I woke up at 5.30am... too darn early! Had a good sleep tho, I must have been tired eh? Drove Mike to Boy's High, Griffin to kindy & Brylee to school, then was off to see the man in hospital.

He sure looks much better today, thank goodness. The doctors have intimated that he MIGHT be able to come home tomorrow, but it all depends on how is pain is, and if he can piddle on his own! At the moment things are not working on their own, and they have had to catheterise him.... hee heee ee... I am evil! Shan't post a photo of that me thinks, ha ha.

Am now home catching up on some housework, thinking about when I can get back to doing a 3rd coat of paint in the ensuite, and going to the gym... so much to do, and not enough time!

Oh yes!, in case you think I'm nice........... saw a car bumper sticker this morning up at the hospital that made me smile all the way home, it said "I LOVE ANIMALS, THEY TASTE REALLY DELICIOUS".... HAAAA HAAA HA. I just loved it. So there, now you know, I really ain't that nice.

till later.... smile!Man, what a lovely day it's been! Sunny and hot, poor Stew stuck up in the hospital.....
Visited him with the kids after school, they have taken out his catheter, he can PIDDLE... yaa. And he's off the morphine, so it's looking good for his "escaping" tomorrow. Griffin cried when we left, he wants his Daddy home, cute.

As for me, virtually no exercise is happening, just can't seem to get motivated today, and my eating is crap.... stress me thinks. BUT ... I am still drinking water, so something good to report. I've got roast beef in the oven, will be having veges with it later on. It won't be long before doing a roast for dinner is going to be impossible as it will be too darn hot. BBQ weather just around the corner. Hmmmmm, looks like it will be me doing the bbq for a wee while, his nibs being outta action and all.

Well I'm off to finish dinner preparations, feed the crowd then visit Stew again.
Till later....

YIKES! I went and visited Stew after dinner, left the big kids dinners in the microwaves, and must have stuffed up one on the settings, cos when I got back 2 hours later I could smell the burning from the driveway..... and no one inside could!!! I panicked, thinking "what is burning?", and then realised it was Lisa's dinner in the top microwave!! Hmmmm, wonder if she wants it now? It WAS Roast Beef and veges... it's charcoal now. I am amazed it didn't erupt into flames, it is burnt to a crisp and the plate is cracked in half! Must move that microwave, this happened because I can't really see the settings cos I'm short and that microwave is on top of a tall fridge.

Stew was even better tonight, can get out of bed even. He was in a ward with 3 other men, but they have all gone home today, so he's all on his own with no radio, tv, or company. Poor bugger. I hope he can come home tomorrow, I miss him.
Till later...

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  1. I like to eat animals too, but not cats.


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