Thursday, November 30, 2006


So it's raining, and it's cold.... but hey, it's like that over the entire country... and Xmas is coming and we all get some days off, if not a few weeks ! Yaaa
And we get to visit friends and family, drink some, eat some (not too much), and have fun! And if you don't, then try to make it happen.... I sure am!
When I think about my life 3 years ago and compare it to now, I am sooo happy! I am fit and healthy, my family are all well (kinda), and all is good.... so who cares if it rains and blows for bloody weeks on end? Not me! I'm the mad tart who walks in the pouring rain with a huge smile on her face... ha ha ha!

Let's all try to find a positive about today.... doesn't have to be monumental, just something that is GREAT !

Today: kids to school (that's positive), go to gym (positive), home to do the housework ( ? ), then who knows..... I can do anything I bloody want ! I LOVE IT. (POSITIVE)... later... *big smile*

Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland, now THEY must be enjoying this weather eh !! And those icebergs are heading their way too.... hee he. Can ya see the egg? Soooo cute.
Note to self: Don't leave your cell phone where the dog can get it..... she really enjoyed giving it a good chew. And my gym membership card is kinda munted too, haaa ha. Too bad, worse things can happen.
Mike is off to see specialist next wednesday, he's got a cyst growing on his cheekbone, and they are gunna cut it out next wednesday. We have been waiting for the public hospital to give him an appointment to have it removed, but they have taken too long and we can't wait much longer or it will erupt and cause a lot more problems... so we cough up the cash and get it done privately. So that will be a load of me mind..... later....
So, I have nearly finished stripping the paper in Mike's room, it WILL be done tonight! Then... I will have to start on the lounge, I had to start some of it around the mantlepiece so I could paint it, ..... so that's next, yaaaa !
Looks like we may have to go to the Dr tomorrow, Stew's tummy has a slowly spreading red patch, so looks like it might have got infected ....we are not sure. It may just be his shirt irritating the hair as it grows back? But better to be safe than sorry.
It's been a fairly quiet afternoon, the big kids watched "The Omen" in the lounge, so I got to watch it too.... eeeeeww. Dinner tonight was Spagetti Bologniese, yummy. Am now going to watch.... Coronation Street, heee he.
Then might do some exercise on the exercycle and have a sauna...... lovely way to end the day.
Today STEPS: 10788 (8.99KMS), STAIRS: 2!, GYM: yes, WATER: 2 litres


  1. I try to think positive as much as I can and my tomorrow's thought is going to be just be happy right at that very second and each second of the day, get on with things and dont think of anything except what I am doing and try to enjoy what I'm doing.......look forward not back!!!!!!!!!! Stay focused on the present!!

    Have a FAD DAY CHRIS!!

  2. Got to admit that these days I'm a whole lot happier - different person to a few years ago!

    Your post was a lovely cheerful one today - who gives a toss about the weather!!!

  3. My positive for today, found your blog which makes me smile everytime I raed it..

  4. Hiya Sis, its big Sis here, proud of ya my darl. Now about those jeans, those Roxy Jeans, now I aint ever spent that much on any item of clothing so could you give them to your neice when she goes over this week...PLEASE, me want them, just may fit them round me butt if not I'll post them back to ya.
    To all out there, my sister is a brave and determined woman, am so proud of her and her acheivements in life. Not just with her weight loss but raising their 2 grandkids as well, she is an inspiration to me and obviously her readers as well. Well done sis, now giv me dah jeans...


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