Monday, November 27, 2006


I woke up this morning so sure it was sunday and I could have a sleep in, I was rather peeved to realise it wasn't ! Oh well, another neat monday, kids to school ( Yaa Hoo !), do some housework, then go to the gym and follow that up with Aqua Jogging. It looks like another windy cool day out there.... when the hell is summer going to get here ? This weather is enough to make even nice people shitty.... not that I'm nice ! ha ha

These are my gorgeous ROXY Jeans, I bought them when I was "at goal", they cost $220 !! And now they don't fit me arse... so ... I have decided that if they don't fit me bum by April 2007 they are going to be someone else's.... I shall give them away. I hope that is a huge incentive for me to stop piss-arsing around and get on track, stop using exercise to get away with pigging out, etc etc. Who knows, it might work! later....

I have done all my morning stuff, kids, dog, gym, aqua jogging, vacumed and am now gunna have some lunch! Pedometer says 12287 already, pity it doesn't work in the pool, that would add a good few thousand! Thanks for the vote of confidence re: me jeans fitting again. I hope I don't let myself down now! I am still feeling FAT and ... nah, I ain't ugly ! Haaaa ha

I had the "usual" afternoon, not too busy.... left the kids with Steve and went Xmas shopping, home, made dinner, and was sitting watching 60 minutes on telly, and kept looking at the mantlepiece thinking..... it needs a paint... hmmmmm, so I got out the sandpaper, did the business, and now it's ready to paint !! hee hee. Poor Mike's room is only half stripped, his furniture is stuck in the middle of the room and I got sidetracked! Oh well, the mantlepiece will be finished tomorrow and I can get on with Mike's room after that. (Hello Maxine aka Maxamillious, you cheeky tart, you would never fit me jeans, you a bloody size 8 !)
Today : STEPS: 16427 (13.68kms), STAIRS: 10, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes
TRACKED POINTS: noooo, WATER: 2.5 litres


  1. Seems like a good incentive to me. I am sure you can do this Chris.

  2. You ARE a nice person!!!!

    You will get into your jeans!!!

  3. You can do it!! You're going to!

  4. ha funny aunty, they"d fit me.......hehehehehehehe.hows that for encoragment. but your a motivated woman, youll do just fine droppen those pounds,

  5. LOVE those jeans. I'm still working on getting into a 16 in my Roxy goal jeans. They make such Nice Jeans.

    Go for it hun - You can do this!

    You and your renovating/moving. Can't call you a procrastinator.


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