Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ah the weekend, kids home, not much to do! Am off to weight watchers this morning (won't be weighing tho), then followed by morning tea with a mate or two. Then .... who knows? The weekends are always kinda lazy....
Steve and Mike are helping a woman from Stew's work move house, ha ha, at least they got lots of practise moving furniture this week eh?

I know! I might just strip the wallpaper off Mike's new bedroom! Yeah, get that one ready for painting, ya, something to do! It's a shitty shitty wet day AGAIN, the lawns are two feet high, Stew hasn't been able to mow them cos of recovering from his op. And our boys wouldn't know one end of the lawn mower from the other! anyway, I'm outta here, things to do, places to go.....

I JUST LOST SOME WEIGHT!!!! I shaved me legs and armpits....... till later, haa haa ha

Well, went into town, had lunch at the foodcourt, I had chinese, then did some wandering around, sooo windy out there it's awful! Then home, where I sat in me lounge chair and....... had a nana nap !!! I have just woken up and it's 5pm, oh my god ! Luckily for me I have corned beef cooking in the crockpot, so dinner is already done, only have to organise the veges. till later.....

IT'S DONE, I HAVE MY RUMPUS ROOM EXACTLY HOW I WANTED IT.....and my boys are just fantastic!! They got it upstairs without swearing and cursing at each other, and they didn't ding my walls either! I am soooo chuffed with them, that bloody thing weighs a tonne. So that's all the moving around I intend to do in the foreseeable future..... till later?

How many towels do you have to wash and dry in one week? Here's mine.... 35 towels, about 12 flannels, assorted sheets/pillowcases etc !@*#! Thank God it was fine today, it would have cost a fortune to put this lot through the drier, and you can't even see the baskets of clothes on the floor !

I'm signing off for the day.... STEPS: 7049 (5.081 KMS), STAIRS: 6, no gym or anything else.


  1. You will have no excuse to not exercise now with the great room layout.

  2. Yeah thanks for that reminder Michelle.... I had no excuse before either ! ha ha But not exercising is not my problem, eating the wrong foods/ too big portions is my problem. Am working on it. Cheers


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