Tuesday, November 07, 2006


How come when you already have too much to do something else happens just to piss you off? I got up this morning and found that the kitchen tap had leaked overnight, all over the bench, down into the cupboards and all over the floor... shit.... and did I mention the dishwasher packed it in last thursday as well? So am now waiting for the 3rd shitty thing to happen...

So far today, I've made lunches, fed kids and dog, taken 3 kids to 3 different schools/kindy, walked the dog in the pouring rain, gone to the gym and done 45 minutes of weights, 30 mins cardio and a 30 minute sauna. Am now home contemplating doing the housework....
- hang out 3 loads washing
-sweep & wash kitchen floor
-tidy Brylee's room
-fold a "mountain" of washing
-sort out dinner
-numerous other things!

And hopefully I won't forget to pick up Griffin from kindy! Must get into town too and return library book, it's running up fines .... and then there is dog training tonight. Yaa hoo, can't say I'm bored..... Almost forget, spend some time with hubby, get his lunch,and try not to kill him!
Till later...
Ok, got most of my jobs done today, didn't get to fold the washing tho, and it really really needs to be done! Tomorrow it's top of the list.... yeah right!
I did get into town today, returned library book, didn't go up to the desk to find out how much I owed in fines, just dropped and ran! hee hee, also did some birthday shopping for Griffin, can't believe it's less than 2 weeks till he's 5 !

Dinner tonight was Nacho's again, got left over mince outta the freezer so YA, I didn't have to cook.. took Izzy to Dog Training Class, where she had a ball! I am now feeling decidedly knackered, and when I got home the kids were in bed (fan-bloody-tastic), and Lisa had washed and dried the dishes for me.... and left the kitchen spotless... I was wrapt!

STEPS : 8229
WATER : 3 litres !!! DIET COKE : 1 mouthful, honestly!
Stair climbing : 20 X's up and down
GYM : yep
CARBS : 3 serves again.
And that is it from me today, going to watch Coronation Street that family taped for me.... so sweet of them, god help them if they forgot! And on that note.. nite nite.
BTW: Hubby isn't driving me nuts yet...... so won't kill him...


  1. The busier you are, the less likely you are to kill him!

  2. Life really is flat out for you!! Hope Stew is on the mend and also that you refrained from killing him!

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog....sorry it was awkward to find, I must sort it out.

    How do you fit so much into one day?...you must have so much energy.

    Bummer about the leaking tap, I hope it is sorted and the dishwasher, isn't it awful when the dishwasher breaks down....arrrghh.

    You really are doing fab and that diet coke is practically none existent...well done.

    Oh yeah corry (Coronation Street) isn't it fab and if ever you want to know what is going to happen let me know because obviously we are ahead of you, just so you can keep your corry mate fans in the dark and pleading for you to tell them whats going to happen....heehee...aren't I cruel...woohoo, anyway where is corry up to in your part of the world? Are you as far as Charlie Stubbs?

    Take care
    Linda (UK)

  4. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Hi Chris
    Without giving too much away on Corry is Richard Hillman still on? He is Gail Platts other half.

    Let me know if you want a run down of everything going on in Corry.

    Okay I will be back tomorrow to read about your day, I have your blog in my favourites....it is fab

    I'm off to make my lunch now, it will be sleep time over there.


  5. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Do you feel better for drinking more water than diet coke?? i know i am feeling better for it!!

    Hope you have a great day!!

  6. I am exhausted just reading what you do everyday.......who needs the gym with your daily workout...LOL.

    I agree with Sue, at least you won't kill Stew if you keep busy - that's gotta be a bonus :)


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