Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today: kids to school, then off to the gym to meet a buddy and go for our walk, it will be 6.6kms long and take about 1hr5mins.
Brylee and Griffin have Athletics Day today at Massey University, they go on buses with the school. Steve, Lisa and Mike are going to watch and "help out".... that should be "fun".....
When I get home I plan on painting that mantlepiece, doing some housework and ? later....
That was fun! It is blowing a gale outside, but not raining for a change. Walking was invigorating to say the least, with the wind so strong we had a bit of resistance training thrown in for free !! I'm now off into town to do some final Xmas shopping, maybe have lunch with his nibs (hubby), and then get on with stuff at home.
BTW: I really never felt like killing me hubby while he was home recovering from his operation, I think he kept his head down low just so I didn't ! ha haha He's back at work now, so he's safe. I DO LOVE HIM, JUST DON'T WANT HIM UNDER ME FEET 24/7 .... and sick males are the pits !

Griffin came 1st in his heat at sprinting. They had a fantastic day ..

Here is Brylee running up to do high jump, not that she jumped! Apparently she stopped and stepped over it... clever girl !

And Finally... I painted the mantlepiece and then... mowed the lawns ! I havn't done that in 20 years !! I vowed and declared at our wedding that I would NEVER mow lawns again (having had to do them with 1st useless husband)... but today I didn't mind really, it was a novelty. So far today I have clocked up 20,335 steps, so I think I'm going for a personal record somehow. Better get back to doing dinner: roast chicken pieces, roast potatoes and stir fried veges. Yum yum. later...
Well, after sorting dinner out I remembered it was Dog Obedience Training tonight... shit shit shit..... I was kinda knackered already ! But took the dog off to Ashurst for her training, my God it was cold out there, I swear there is an iceberg trying to come up the Manawatu River, it is soooo cold !*#!
So, am home now, watching Coro Street.... Might do nothing else for the night... maybe!
Success in doing nothing for 2 hours !
Today : STEPS: 23328 (19.44KMS), STAIRS : 8, GYM: yes, WALK: yes, WATER: 1.5 liters.
nite nite


  1. Know what you mean about sick males - we cold a cold and they get the flu!

    Hey - the metallic thing on our table is a gast table top heater - need it for BBQ's in this weather!!

  2. Hi there you exercise guru. I'm exhausted just thinking about walking that distance. My current walk is 5km long and thats enough for me at the moment. (until my fitness picks up) Be careful about taking over those lawns, I made that mistake a long time ago (it somehow became my job) and I have been stuck with it ever since. When we moved to the country we bought a ride on mower so things were great for a few years, then my father ran the mower without oil (oil light failed) and it seized up. (I could have cried) No doubt we will purchase another ride on one day, maybe it go on the list once I have returned to work. bye for now


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