Friday, November 17, 2006


Having a lovely day so far.. took Griffin to kindy for the last time, they put on his Happy Birthday You are *5* farewell... Stew and I sat there like the Proud Parents we are. Then I went into town to get his Birthday Cake (Spiderman, of course), and tried on heaps of clothes (not something one does if you want to get home in a good mood) ! I am friggin not happy at this size, and am certainly going to work harder to get back to a size 12.
Have done NO housework yet... and it's nearly (no it is) midday already! Better get going then eh? till later.....
Stew and I ended up going out for lunch, which blew my good intentions right outta the water..... am now at home again, feeling like shit. I can't seem to get the motivation to do anything, and I feel like screaming. Everywhere I look I see jobs waiting to be done - washing to put out, washing to fold and put away, rooms to tidy, vacumming, and upstairs is just a pig's sty! I am grumpy me thinks!
I better go and try to find something to smile about....OK, I'm ova it now. Left is a photo of Griffin this morning blowing out his Birthday candle at kindy, a magic moment. And the other one, I told the littlies they had to do the housework, and they were only too happy to do it! The washing is folded now (yeah Right!) I shall have to do it all again when they aren't looking.... but they wanted to do it, Griffin in nagging me right now cos he wants to do the vacumming, he's got the vacum out, plugged it in and all.... but he nearly kills the vacum every time he gets hold of it... so NO, he ain't doing it. Ha ha. I am going to sort out dinner now... till later...
well it's been a completly lazy evening, have done some housework, and mainly watched the telly! Am watching America's Next Top Model, and while I ain't that thin and gorgeous, Me teeth ain't yuk like some of those girls! Are those judges blind??? haaa ha
I'm going to try and have an early night tonight, it is so hot and muggy I feel drained. Nite nite.
STEPS: 7943, WATER: 3 litres, STAIRS: 20X's, GYM: no, TRACKED: no

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  1. A big milestone for Griffin! Have a great weekend Chris and take it easy - yea right!!!


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