Sunday, November 05, 2006


How come with all the activity I do, I don't lose weight??? I would have thought that being so busy, on the go all day, something would happen! Its just not fair. I know I eat shit fairly often still, but come on..... the only thing I can think of is that my body is used to this level of activity and it's needing more! Bloody hell, AND I'M DRINKING FRIGGIN WATER TOO....

I have decided I must up the exercise, drop the shit food altogether (not rely on exercise to work it off), drink the water and see? I am going to set myself weekly "challenges" ... starting on Monday, hee hee. Today I think I will try and take it easy.....

On a really happy note, it seems my puppy is house trained, another night spent inside and no "naughties", ya hoo. I hope fireworks settles down soon tho, cos my kids bathroom smells like a kennel! Note to myself: bath that dog!

Today plan of action (keeping in mind I'm taking it easy): Do the washing and hang it out, vacum downstairs, bath the dog and take her for a walk, put motifs on kids school hats to personalise them, go into town and get ball of wool to finish Joel's jumper, finish the darn ensuite.

Hopefully that's all, I will be really pleased if I can get all that done, cos I would really like to get to the gym sometime today as well, but that will have to be at the bottom of the list, cos I can always get on my treadmill / exercycle here at home later on tonight.
Till later....

OK, I think I've done most of those jobs, but the best of all.... THE ENSUITE ITS ALMOST FINISHED! All I have to do tomorrow is grout around the tiles and it's all done. So here are the photos of before and after, and you must be able to see why I just had to do it eh? Who would put such a dark wallpaper in a tiny room! NOT ME.
So now it's a lovely cream, a bit of a textured paint effect, the sandtex settled down over night and didn't look so horrific in the morning, thank god, I was so worried I'd stuffed it up!
I still havn't bathed the dog, I suppose that is next!
Then sort out dinner, steak and veges tonight.
Oh and I was a model wife, gave his nibs breakfast in bed, fetched and carried for him, asked him how he was often, I think I deserve a medal (got the chest), cos he's still alive! He is doing really great today, not in too much pain, luckily.
Off to sort out that dog now, till later....


  1. For some odd reason our dog doesn't even notice the fireworks. He's not deaf, but he is the stupidest dog I've ever had...

  2. Love the ensuite, it looks fresh and airy.

    I also can't work out how come you aren't losing weight with all the running around you do..........NOT FAIR!!!!


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