Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Got up this morning and found someone had folded all my washing!!! (It's kept in the garage). Thought it must have been Stew (hubby) so charged down the hallway to tell him off and he said "wasn't me"! Hmmmm.... then found this note on the whiteboard, and realised that Steve and Lisa had done it, and were trying to wind me up! Haa ha Wonder why they being so helpful? Me thinks they don't want to be kicked out at the end of the year! Or are they just being nice? May never know.

Here is a picture of Stew's tummy today, it is still very swollen but definitely getting better. The brusing around the drain site is still quite pronounced, but all good. I am going to take him out for morning tea today, seeing as I don't have to fold the washing this morning, ya hoo!

This is Brylee, she's 6 and a real cutie, the apple of Daddy's eye. I'm sure I can see her thumbprint on his forehead! Ready for school today. I have taken all 3 to school/kindy. Not walking the dog, it's too wet and I don't want to go into town with wet hair today. Will probably go to the gym around lunchtime today, may even have a swim! For now, I'm off to town with me man, get him out of the house for a while. Poor bugger is getting pretty bored.

And No, I havn't felt any benefit or difference from not drinking Diet Coke yet, maybe later on? I have come to the conclusion that I was not addicted to the coke, just the bubbles! Cos I am enjoying the soda stream flavours, not a problem!

Till later....OUR NEW COMPANY CAR IS READY TO BE PICKED UP AT 2PM, AND I HAVE TO DRIVE IT HOME, COS STEW ISN'T ALLOWED TO DRIVE YET. YA HOOO! Will put a photo up when it's home, it's a blue Toyota Camry, brand new, bright and shiny. Niiiiiice. Got new car, its beautiful!
Went to gym and had a 45 minute swim, then home, picked up Griffin from kindy, into town to get car (hee hee) and now am off to get Brylee from school...
Till later....
I kinda ran outta steam this afternoon! Felt tired and crabby. Made dinner for them indoors, havn't fed the dog yet! Have got the kids to bed, am airing washing in the drier, got more washing in the machine .... just waiting for it to finish before I hang it out on the line under the patio, done more vacuming (again), and am going to "chill out" in the sauna later on..... excuse the pun!!
Steps: 10,785
Water : 2.5 litres Diet Coke : 000
Stair climbing : only 10 X's today
Gym : Yep
Carbs : too many, ain't gunna confess
That's me for the day, hope tomorrow is fine, I am finding this never ending wet windy weather bloody annoying!
Till tomorrow ...


  1. I can imagine you must have to do small mountains of laundry, with the size of the crew at your place!

  2. ouch, that scar brings back memories. I have a zipper that runs from just under breast bone to 5cm below belly button. (no wonder my stomach muscles are non existant, lol) Great your husband is feeling better, its amazing how your body can cope with such an invasive procedure and bounce back relatively fast. Well the rain has stopped so I am off for my walk. Take care. (what lovelies folding the washing, hope they give plenty of help as I can't imagine what your house must be like with so many living there. One of my sisters has 3 teenage boys, and I always feel like I need a tropical holiday if I am there for any longer then 1 night)

  3. Aww weren't they sweet:) As you said must be after something!

    Ouch - the scar looks sore!

  4. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Hi Chris,
    Feeling tired and crabby and you still manage to get so much done.

    I know I really should push myself to get on with the decorating and it certainly does make me feel better, we have just finished the living room a few weeks ago and wow it feels great to come into the room....very depressing before....a touch of feng shui maybe, the brighter, fresher walls etc will help pick up my mood

    Humm the kids being very helpful....hummm if my kids were like that then yep I have to say I would be suspicious...or is it just

    Okay I will be back tomorrow as usual, I have read your journal since you started.

    Take care
    Linda (UK)

  5. Loved the 'sux up' note from the kids on the whiteboard.....long may it continue!

    I just love your new Camry, I owned a camry wagon and didn't realise how much I loved it until I had sold it but my next car is definately another camry.

    Stew's scar is about 2 cms longer than my Dad's except Dad's is closer to his groin (starts under the belly button to the right and down into his groin) but it looks like it is healing really well.

  6. Hi Chris - I won't be at aqua kick boxking tonight - still got this rotten cold! If you go - enjoy and have a great day:)


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