Sunday, November 26, 2006


Got woken up this morning to hear that friggin crazy frog music... dee dee de de de, bloody McDonald's latest toy with a Happy Meal. We have had to listen to it since yesterday lunchtime, and it is driving me nuts! May have to "lose" them somehow.
Stew is out giving a talk to a group in Otaki about Family Trusts etc, but luckily for me Mike was up so he watched the kids for me till 9... I got a wee sleep in. Am now contemplating stripping wallpaper, but... I had a wee go at it before and found it is shit paper, and comes off in little bits, not lovely bit sheets. So, it's gunna take a while! Oh well, better get back to it....
Okkey dokey then, I've stripped half the wallpaper off in Mike's room, and am hoping to get some more done tonight. Have just said "bye" to Janene and her cute wee girl Jorga, they came around for a visit, which was just lovley! We plan on going to the Wellington Blogger's Picnic together next sunday, so I am looking forward to that... a day without Kids ... yay. I think Janene's gone home to recuperate from her visit here, Griffin did his usual "run the visitor ragged "! He really is a handful sometimes. Thank God tomorrow is monday, back to school. PHEW.
I have done virtually no exercise today so far, but will probably get on the exercycle later on as well. till later....
A HUGE congratulations to Jules (see her at, who just had her 4th baby, and beat my 39 minute labour with a *38* minute labour !!! What a trouper. Wonder if she can beat me by having more than 8 kids ??? hee hee
I'm off to get on my exercycle now...
Been there, done that, am now ready for bed....
weekly round-up: Steps: 83,880 (69.9kms), Stairs: X 94, Gym: X 3, Aqua Jogging: X 2, Walked to town: X 2. Yaaa for me !


  1. LOL - we had a family get together last night and one grandson had one of those things as well!!

    May see you at aqua this week - if not raining too hard....

  2. I actually bet you by a minute!! LOL!!

  3. Hooray - you're coming to the picnic! What a treat!
    Shall I email you a map?

  4. Hey....teach me to speak like the Kiwi's.....YeeeHeeee.

    I would love to emigrate and I would fit in better if no-one could tell the difference with the accents...YeeeHeee.....TeeHee


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