Saturday, November 04, 2006


I'm tired, grumpy and don't come near me! Today I got up, fed the kids and dog, got the washing on, hang some out, got Mike up to watch the kids and went to Weight Watchers .... where it was a "Weigh and Go" meeting, as out leader was in Auckland at a meeting.... my friend Chris and I were helpers for the morning..... got outta there at 10.20, off to morning tea.

Then I went up to the hospital and hung around for 2 hours till they released my man, home, settled him in, went to get his prescriptions, Lotto etc. Then I went to Pak N Save and did the groceries with Griffin to "help".... are you kidding!! By the time I got the groceries all packed into the car I was fit to kill someone! Far out I HATE grocery shopping. Anyway, have now gotten home, the big kids actually helped me unload and put it all away, and am sitting down relaxing for the first time today, and it's 4.40 pm.

The next time I get up I shall have to get dinner ready... when does it ever end? And I still havn't gotten around to getting the 3rd (and final) coat of paint on my ensuite..... and it is soooooo bugging me, I want it done NOW. Maybe later on tonight I will get some energy from somewhere to do it?

I have no idea how many steps I've done today as my pedometer got reset by accident somewhere in the supermarket... don't know how, just did. But I am sure the total would have been decent today!

Till later.... unless nothing else happens today! Nothing much else has happened, except I couldn't be arsed cooking dinner, so spent $56 on KFC ! Then decided to have a go at that 3rd coat of paint... bad move, I put it on too thick and now it's bloody running down the walls, have tried to sort it out with a dry roller, but I think it's stuffed..... F%#K. Don't know what else to do, will have to wait for it to dry before I can reassess the situation.

Put puppy in the bathroom again tonight, she spent last night in there and was sooo good! No puddles or piles of doggy doo, such a good girl. Hope she is good again tonight. Well I'm off to bed, knackered again. Stew is doing really well, lounging in his lazyboy watching the telly. nite nite


  1. Pleased to hear Stew's home. You've had quite a day - take it easy!

    Bit of a disaster not meeting you as I went shopping - oops!!!

  2. Hi to ya all in my homeland. My name is Lori (short for Lorraine) and I am Chris's sister living her in Oz.
    I just would like to say how proud I am of my sister and her determination in gagining control of her weight and also in her life. I have always admired her for her courage in all that she does and I so much love her husaband Stew for being her support and rock in her life, it takes a strong man with love and dedication to help my sister, I cannot express how much I respect Stewart.
    Hey there to my young nephew Steven, Aunty is gonna get ya you little buggar...ha ha ha, you dont know me really but this is one Aunty that is gonna get ya.....keep up the challenges with your mum sweetheart, gotta stay one step ahead aye darl.
    Welp, thats about it for now, just wanted the wider world to know how proud i am of my only sister.


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