Saturday, November 11, 2006


Midday today I decided to paint the upstairs hallway.... and I couldn't reach one part right at the top of the stairwell, so got a kitchen chair and put it on the top step... 3 legs on and one leg 3/4 on... and up I went and halfway through rolling on the paint the darn chair slipped off the step.... and down I went! It is amazing but everything goes in slow motion in that sort of situation! All I can remember is the thoughts running through my head, which went like this:

- OH SHIT, this is going to hurt!
- Buggar, I hope I don't put a hole in the bloody wall !
- How the hell is Stew going to cope with me on crutches ? !!

I did a 360 spin in mid air, grabbed at a picture on the wall, it went flying down the stairs, then I managed to spin around and grab the top rail on the balustraudes, my hand (wet with paint) slipped off and then down the railings, and finally I managed to stop the downward trend half way down the stairs, me bum came to rest on top of the chair, which got a broken leg.... I just hung in there for a few moments to assess the damage.....
Broken chair, broken paint roller, sore bum,back and right foot.. But NO HOLES IN WALL !!! Ya hoo ! I did feel very shaken and had the shakes for a while too! What a twit I am.
So, note to self.... if it doesn't feel safe, DON'T BLOODY DO IT ! I don't know about my foot, it is feeling worse by the minute, but I don't think anything is broken, just bruised. I hope it doesn't stop me walking into town tomorrow! BTW, Mike (17) got outta bed 10 minutes after my fall, and calmly said to me "Fall down the stairs eh?", and his room is right behind the stairwell wall and he heard it all happen and didn't even get outta bed, little shit!

Started the day by going to Weight Watchers, didn't weigh in, still havn't lost a darn gram! NOT FAIR. Had a lovely morning tea with my friend Chris D, before going home to try that different way to go down the stairs. I did get two stars at W/W meeting today, cos of my abstenance from Diet Coke.... awwww. So now it is 6 days without coke, and no headache either. Am now just sitting in me lounge chair, thinking.. oww I am sore all over, and I feel a bit dizzy too? Might be delayed shock me thinks.
Ok. felt like shit so took myself off to bed for a while, and woke up around 5pm and felt much better! My foot still felt sore, so put my sneakers on to give the foot some more support, which helped quite a bit.
Stew was up and getting the chicken pieces in the oven for dinner, which made me feel guilty.
Mike was being a lazy little shit, so asked him to vacum the stairs and upstairs, which he did... a photo opportunity! Doesn't happen often enough for me, him doing some housework..... yaa.
I will probably post my tummy tuck photos tomorrow, having problems today getting photos uploaded, this one took half an hour! grrrrr
Well, think I'm done for the day, have only done 2687 steps today, and don't think I'll be doing much else for the day. My water intake is great, still no coke. STAIR CLIMBING : about 10 down, 10 to go. Hope to walk into town tomorrow, foot permitting.
Till later.....


  1. Feel sorry for you but this did make me smile as it is just the sort of thing I do. Us wonder women who think we can do anything!! Seriously rest up as I am sure you are very shaken inside and out. Hope the foot isn't damaged.

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    i hope your ok!!

  3. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I am so pleased there was nothing broken.

    Take it easy....REST!!

    Linda x


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