Monday, November 13, 2006



Today so far.... kids to school, took Griffin for a visit at school, Stew came too. Left them at school and nipped home and did the vacuming, a bit of tidying up etc. Had no water till 1pm, a water main had burst down the road, oh joy!
Picked up Stew and Griffin, home, left them again and went to the gym for a gentle work out, followed by a 30 minute sauna, that felt nice.

Home, lunch, a corned beef and tomatoe sandwich - yum! Then walked up to school and got Brylee. Then I decided to go to the Doctor as heaps of people had advised me to do.... so if anything packs up due to the fall down the stairs I am covered by ACC.... The doctor was surprised that my foot had so much bruising, particularly on the sole! He prescribed pain killers and anti inflammatories, and some darn expensive cream that is supposed to help with the bruising. Don't think I'll bother filling that prescription, I will tough it out.
He did advise me not to go to Aqua Kickboxing tonight, so I suppose I wont then.

Shortly I shall get off me sorry butt and cook dinner, meatballs with noodles and a stir-fry of veges. Then maybe I'll get on my exercycle for 30 mins or so, and I also want to make a start on either Brylee's room or Mike's room, have to strip the wallpaper, soak off the backing paper, sand, undercoat etc.... and then paint them! I am really enjoying the results....

Did I mention the fact that I DID FINISH painting the upstairs hallways on Saturday afternoon.... even tho I was sore and aching... ha ha ha. It is done now, and off my mind....YA HOO. shall NEVER try standing on kitchen chair on stairs again tho.

Thank you for your lovely comments re: photos, I was of two minds to put them on, but I'm glad I did now. If they inspire even 1 person to pull finger and turn their lives around it will have been worth it. Remember though, it is totally up to YOU to do it, no one else can do it for you.... you have to want to lose weight for YOURSELF. And you have to maintain your motivation any way you can, give yourself little rewards along the way, and keep in mind the end result you want, IT IS WORTH IT!
STEPS : 10166
WATER : 2 litres (no coke)
Stair climbing : 3 ! not good!
Gym : Yep
Everything else on hold till foot/leg/arm/back all better.


  1. I just caught up on the entry below the photos where you did the trip down the stairs! You're lucky you didn't break your neck!!

    Do really agree with your comments about how losing weight is so worth it! Take it easy (if you can)

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    good luck with your goals this week im sure you can do them!!!


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