Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ok, I am being soooo good drinking my water, even tho it's Sparkling & Flavoured, it's still water. But have you seen the darn price of it??? I ain't gunna be paying that price forever I can tell you, so this morning I went into town and bought a Soda Stream and a couple of extra bottles, and flavours. I saved $50, but still ended up spending $190 ! BUT.... if we use it as a family (and I'm sure we will), it will have paid for itself in only 3 months. I will tell you what I think of the flavours once I've tried them..... I am planning on only using half the strength recommended cos I don't like strong flavoured drinks.

On a happy note, thank you Sue for your lovely comment on yesterday's blog, it made me feel really touched! AND you can talk!,, you have lost an amazing amount of weight too and are an inspiration as well! So we both rock! You are right about the "sparkle in my eyes", it happens when you are just soooo happy eh? So to all you out there on a weight loss mission, take it from me, loosing the weight will make you feel BLOODY FANTASTIC !@#$%^!@#

That's me for now, I am off to do the second coat of paint in the ensuite, of yeah! Till's later, and I have done the second coat and guess what? It needs another one, bugger.

Dinner tonight was roast chicken and veges, one of my favourite meals.... must do it at least weekly!

Tomorrow is THE DAY again...... we are lucky to have teenagers who can babysit the littlies, if we didn't it would be so much more complicated! I know I bitch about them often, but they are nice to have around sometimes. Am going to take me knitting again, and this time I ain't leaving till the nurse comes out and tells me they cutting him up! EEEWWW

Water: so far 1.25 litres Diet Coke: so far 1 litre

Steps: 6687, not that good!

No gym today, that probably accounts for the low steps, and there is no guarantee that I will get there tomorrow either, but I will try.

Till later...

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  1. I have to agree with Sue you are inspirational!! Also you summed it up saying loosing weight does make you feel bloody fantastic!

    You really are giving water a go - great work!! Hey hope the op happens all ok tomorrow.


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