Wednesday, November 29, 2006

F*%!*# IT'S COLD !

Those icebergs can't be far away.... it's bloody freezing today !

Today's plan of action: kids to school, housework, 2nd coat of paint on mantlepiece, finish stripping paper in Mike's room, Aqua Jogging at 12.

I am really excited.... our gym is getting one of those vibrating exercise machines ! You stand on it, hold certain positions and it vibrates and tones you ... you pay about $20 for 10 minutes in town, but for gym members it is included in our membership. So free! (Kinda) hee he. I am dying to try it, but it isn't arriving for another week or so. boo hoo
later....I've had me bubble popped.... the aqua jogging instructor told us today that the vibration machine won't do anything for us at all, she reckons it certainly won't tone me flabby bits ! Damn and blast.... I hope she's wrong cos it sounds like fun ! And fun is what I want, added with getting healthy and fit. We will wait and see, I dont' think the gym would be buying such an expensive machine if it did nothing for you eh? Anyone know anything about these machines????
Done all of above, am now chillin out having lunch at 1.45.... later...

I think yesterday caught up with me.... I fell asleep after lunch, hahaha. Woke up in time to go get the kids from school, felt like shit... having a wee nap is not always good for you. Have not been able to get motivated to do anything much since then, dinner is in the oven (lamb chops and roast potatoes) and am just sitting here thinking.... I should be doing something! But can't be stuffed.

Thanks for your comment about the vibration machine Janene, I agree with you. It must do something good or it wouldn't be so popular.. . maybe the aqua instructor just doesn't know this machine and what it can do. I am sure looking forward to it's arrival. I havn't done much this evening, am feeling bloated and yuk. I havn't had a "monthly" for over 2 months now, my cycle is all over the place and it's driving me nuts. I suppose I shall have to get used to this menopause shit eh?
Anyway, todays totals:
STEPS: 10011 (8.34 kms), STAIRS: 8, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes WATER: 2 litres


  1. That is so good about the gym getting one of those machines - I was tempted to go to a place in town until I saw the price - lucky I still have gym membership!!!

  2. Oh wow is that the machine that has the different straps to attach? If it is I have one of those under my bed.
    It folds down and it is the type that you have to stand on and it vibrates.
    The belts it has are the arm belts, cellulite belt, thousand fingers belt and the other belt....erm can't remember what that belt is called, toning belt maybe. I really must pull it out from under my bed and use the thing.

    Oh fab!

  3. Linda, I don't think it sounds like your's. It has no belts etc, and cost $15,000 (N.Z.) so about $44,000 Pounds ! I will photograph it when it arrives and show ya.

  4. Glad to hear hubby made it back to work alive! Apparently the vibra machines are quite hard work, so long as you do it right...

  5. Hi Chris, I have used the vibration machine. (not type Lynda was talking about). I bought a 10 concession card for 'vibra train'. The first time I used it I definitely felt like I was walking out with jelly legs (like I had been on an exercycle for 30mins) The next day I noticed the trusty recognition of slightly sore muscles (arms mostly) that told me my muscles had indeed been working. I made the mistake of going 3 tims in the first week and don't think my body handle the 'shake up too well' After my 3rd sesson I woke feeling very dizzy. I ended up going to the Dr's & was told my lymphs were blocked. The machine helps with lymphatic drainage, but as I had over used it, my ears etc had all upset my middle ear functions. Only lasted a day but was VERY dizzy for about 14 hours. Must go back and use the remaining 7 sessions, but won't go every second day this time.


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