Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I should have known it was too good to last! Griffin was so happy after school yesterday, told me he "Loved it", and wanted to go back tomorrow. This morning he was fine till we got half way to school (it's a 2 minute walk from our house), and he started to cry and grizzle and told me he didn't want to go anymore. BUGGER

I ended up just having to leave him there, crying and coughing fit to kill.... he usually ends up vomitting when he gets that wound up.... but staying would not have helped any of us and he has to get used to it... so I left and went to the gym. I was expecting a phone call the whole time I was there, but so far so good. I am sooooo tempted to ring the school and see how he is, but I won't cos they will think I'm an over protective clingly mum.... (shush) cos I am! If he wasn't ok they would have rung me eh?

So far today (11.30am) I've done 9956 steps.. how's that then? I am now going to get started on moving Mike's gear downstairs.... till later....

I didn't think moving furniture would be what I was doing this week! I really saw myself doing the gym, going for lunch with me hubby, shopping etc..... instead I'm run ragged moving all these rooms around... and the worst is yet to come when we have to get the Treadmill and Sauna upstairs.. they weigh a tonne!
And now my pedometer is playing up, it says I've done 30 steps in the last 2.5 hours, and I've been going for it non-stop moving stuff, training the dog, hanging out washing, folding washing, getting dinner organised, feeding myself etc etc !! Hope I don't have to get a new one.
till later...
Apparently Griffin shut up within 5 minutes of me leaving, the little shit! Here I was worried all day and he was at school having a ball.
As you mentioned Rachel, Stew is not able to help me with the heavy moving, something he is extremely happy about! Luckily I have Steve, Mike and Lisa to help eh? One of the RARE examples of when it's good to have teenagers ....VERY RARE!
I havn't heard from one of my nieces who lives up in Whitianga for a while, but we got in touch yesterday and she asked me to say "Hi" over my blog so....
**** HI MAXINE*****, I love you! till later... So cool, my puppy Izzy won the prize tonight for the most improved puppy! She dropped, stayed and came when I called her, I was so proud! It helped that I had a hand full of ham and cheese for her!! hee he.

Above : the bloody mess in the rumpus room now, and Brylee asleep in her "new" bedroom... so cute!
I am now going to get back to rearranging bedrooms, nite nite.
STEPS: 16395 (i GAVE MYSELF 2000 on top of what my pedometer says for the 2.5 hrs it didn't work) STAIRS: 28! GYM: Yes WATER: 2.5 litres WALK TO TOWN: yes


  1. Poor Griffin, I hope he is OK.

    Yep your pedometer sounds like its out to annoy you BIG time.

    I don't envy you moving that treadmill and sauna and Stew won't be able to help either will he?? (with his recent op).

  2. Pleased to hear Griffin was fine. You will probably end up with a few more days like that but great to know he did settle.

    What a busy day!

  3. Very sensible of you to leave him there but I know how hard it would have been. Moving furniture sounds invigorating but also exhausting.


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