Monday, November 20, 2006

*** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH ***


finally my ears are going to get a break for 6 whole hours every day!!! I am going to sit in the school staff room for an hour or so, just to make sure he settles in ok. When he started kindy he screamed, punched, kicked and VOMITTED every morning for about 4 weeks !!! Hopefully he is ok today.

Stew's idea: I should come home and go back to bed for the morning, and he will come home at lunch time and join me for some midday hanky panky........LIKE HELL!!! IN HIS DREAMS. till later.....
So.. no crying (him or me), left him with no problems, came home, did some housework and before I could think about going to the gym Stew rang and invited me out for morning tea, so off I went! Took Lisa Wanna-be-an-H with me.... (our son's fiance). Then Lisa and I did some shopping (hee hee) and came home.
I mentioned to Steve and Lisa that MAYBE they could move into Mike's double bedroom so I could have the rumpus room back, and move Mike into Brylee's double bedroom.. and Brylee into the spare bedroom downstairs.... and they were all for it!!! So, instead of going to the gym this afternoon I have been busy moving stuff around... this is going to take a week or more as it involves moving so much furniture, the gym equipment and sauna upstairs etc. Mike kinda spat the dummy at the idea, not because he will move downstairs, but because this is something I do all the time.... I can't seem to stop moving people around the rooms.... I suppose that is one disadvantage of having a huge house, (for the others in the house - not for me) .
So I havn't been to the gym or gone to aqua jogging, both things I thought I would be doing on this day. Nevermind, I've had a neat day, havn't missed his nibs nagging at me, jabbering away at me all day....oh it's been BLISS ! and we bought lollies for them after school, so that kept them quiet for a bit longer too. haa
We have just got back from town, Griffin broke his new sandals his first day, so had to go and buy new ones.... got some new ones for Brylee at the same time. What a nightmare buying them shoes, he's got huge feet, she's got loooooong narrow ones.
Better bugger off and do some more work... till later...
Obviously I need to be doing heaps to distract me from eating.... today I forgot breakfast, had lunch at 3.30 and I just had a little dinner at 7pm. When I got on the scales this morning they said the same old thing... no loss. Damn and blast.
What do I have to do, bloody starve! Walk 100kms every week? I know my body is now used to this level of activity, but hey, there's only so many hours in a day, I can't do any more. And I want to get so much done around this house, the list is endless....
Just got Brylee moved over into the spare bedroom (now her room) and she loves it. I want to get the beds out of her room and under the roof (they are redundant now), and have that room ready for Mike's furniture tomorrow. It's all go I tell ya! I think I'm addicted to shifting furniture.... maybe I was a moving man in an earlier life? hee hee
STEPS: 12218, STAIRS: 10 x'S, GYM: no, WATER: 2 litres


  1. Wooohooo!!!! The youngest one is finally at school. Now you can "do coffee" or whatever you flippen well like during the day. Maybe you should hold Stew to his offer once he's recovered a bit more from surgery...

  2. What darling littlies you have. Griffin just reminds me of my 6 year old, who incidentally is a non stop jabba jaws as well!! Good old Stew, always a tryer.

  3. Six hours of peace - every day!! Enjoy it. Our grandson just 6 - is another non-stop talker, lot of fun though:)

  4. Loev your view of using your six hours of peace but of course including the gym.


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