Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last School Visit

This Morning Griffin goes to school for his last "school visit" before starting on MONDAY.... hells bells, just saying it makes me break out in a stupid grin! I am literally jumping up and down with anticipation....

Stew is off to Ohakea this morning as well, to give a speech on Family Trusts, and Mike is now officially at home on Study Leave.. he's doing NCEA Level 3 this year, and next year he's going back to do the 7th form, probably doing scholorship papers etc. These last two boys of ours have NO IDEA what they want to do with their lives, Steve is a "Professional" Student now... hes onto his 3rd course in 2 years..... drives me NUTS.

I AM GOING TO TRACK everything i put in me gob today..... till later....Oh yeah, and before I forget.... No to all of you who have suggested I come and do your housework / painting, I got 4 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, rumpus room, 2 more bathrooms, loo, and laundry to do of me bloody own yet!!! And do your own friggin housework! I may come across as a "Wonder Woman" but believe me, I ain't, I get really tired some days and grabby too. I know I try to do too much, but even though there's lots of people in this house with me, most of them are 95% of the time bloody useless! And I am over nagging and screaming to get help around here. (Mind you, I did scream at the teenagers yesterday out the kitchen window!) hee hee.... I think I threatened to drown me little kids in the bath unless someone else bathed them for me! Yee Gods, I am evil! ( wouldn't have done any such thing of course, but it sounded good) ... till later.......

I went to the gym after Griffin's school visit (Griffin was at a wee friend's for lunch), did 45 minutes cardio and my free weights programme... then home, picked up the kids etc. It is getting so hot in our lounge in the afternoons now, the sun just streams in .... so put the door guard up so we can get a breeze through and keep the menace out.... said "menace" in photo to left! ha ha

My deck is looking decidedly cluttered with dog kennel, couch etc, but that's the price you pay to have a lovely wee dog like Izzy in the family. We just love her!

Dinner tonight is Steak and Sausages, spud and veges. Must start doing more salads I suppose. They are more work than veges tho...... and have you seen the price of fresh lettuce! And I say "fresh" with a snigger, cos they ain't usually.

Till later....Just made and ate dinner, and it's so hot in my kitchen I nearly spat the dummy and had a hissy fit! I am getting sick of having to do it all around here, and I ALMOST screamed at Stew, who was sitting in the lounge watching telly... Maybe I will kill him yet! He is keeping his head pretty low me thinks, I am sure he can see I am getting to boiling point sometimes, clever man.

I walked down to the shops before dinner with the dog to get wrapping paper, I have three paintings to give the Kindy Teachers as a "Thank You" for all they have done in the 3 years my littlies have been going there. I did them, they are of sea horses... oh hell, I'll put a photo up for you to see one!

todays entry is turning into a book! I shall stop for now, have a break after dinner, then get on with getting kids to bed, washing in and away, etc etc.

STEPS : 10384, GYM : yes, STAIRS : 10 X's, WATER : 3 litres ! NO COKE


  1. Jake's on study leave too, which really means he's picked up heaps of extra shifts at Hertz - no very motivated that boy. He's got enough credits to get into Uni and that's all he cares about.

    And, no, your posts AREN'T too long. I love reading about your life, even if I don't always have time to comment.

  2. You crack me up with your honest description of your kids. you say the things I often think. And BTW why can't you come and do my housework? I am sure you have a few spare minutes. Like you I have to do 95% of everything because somehow my kids are always toooo busy to help. Silly women aren't we to let them get away with it.

  3. You'll miss him - but I bet you are looking forward to having some 'me' time! Sounds like that will be much needed with all that you've got to get done each day!

  4. I have that feeling every day that I am the only bloody bugger doing anything around here. It makes you just want to attack everyone!!

    I love the seahorses etc on the painting. You are a talented wee lass.

  5. The constant up down in the middle of the night with an 18mth and a newborn is going to send me crackers but luckily we are the stronger sex and were built of hard stuff.

  6. Hey - no coke!!! Well done:)


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