Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Now my favourite food must be .... a potatoe top pie ... and I havn't had one in 3 bloody years!!!!
Left is Griffin with his idea of YUM! And my darling husband thought this was a really good "nutritious" afternoon tea for our son... a sandwich with Tomatoe sauce, Mayonnaise, Mild American Mustard and Dijonnaise !$%#!! EWWWWWW ha ha ha.
Today, usual start, kids to school/kindy, puppy for little walk, off to the gym where my gym buddy and I went for a 45 minute walk followed by a sauna. Home, then walked up to the shops, then down to the school to do the enrollment forms (again) for Griffin, then picked Griffin up from kindy, and home. Griffin starts school 20/11, so can't wait......
Lunch was a yummy Weight Watchers Chicken Chow Mein dinner (4.5 points), and was really nice. I get tired of sandwiches and want something different on occasions.
WATER: I have drunk 1.5 litres of the stuff..... amazing.... found one called Aqa, peach or pineapple flavours.... really nice stuff. I am drinking carbonated water so it's like coke, fizzy and drinkable. Might go into town tomorrow and check out the price of a Soda Stream Machine, and if they have many Diet Flavours.
STEPS: 11847 so far today, and will clock up a few more before bedtime no doubt.
Next thing to do tonight..... get out the chainsaw and shave me bloody legs!!! I swear I'm gunna lose at LEAST half a kilo from hair loss !! You should see em, I ignore them cos I can't see them under me trou..... but really, they are gross. ha ha ha
I still havn't put the second coat of paint on the ensuite..... too many other things to do today. We are hoping like hell Stew doesn't come down with a cold or anything before Thursday...... fingers crossed....
Oky dokey, time to go do the business with the chainsaw....till later...

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  1. Chris, as a new reader I haven't yet had the chance to say how much I admire the way you turned your life around. The photo of you at goal is amazing! You look so young and healthy - and you've got that special sparkle in your eyes.

    I know you have put some of the weight back on, but not all of it - and you're doing something about it.

    I am in total admiration of you.