Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today's plan of attack: Kids to school, home, get housework done, move more bloody furniture, then GO TO AQUA JOGGING ! And as long as no bugger comes along and stuffs it up for me, that is what I am gunna do.

I'm darn tired, have been having shitty night's sleeps lately, if it isn't hot flushes, it's sore back. Last night it was me back giving me shit. I have a pain in one particular place, low down on me right butt, I think it's from having the tissue inplant there with my body lift operation. It is something I know I have to live with, you can't have major surgery like that without one or two side effects. But it's all good, I'd rather have the better body anyday!
till later.....

So everything has gone to plan so far!!! And look above.... I found a hole in the wall in Mike's old bedroom wardrobe, and hey presto, I found another storeage space!! This is just fantastic cos we have so much stuff to store, for now it's going to have Steve and Lisa's junk in it. The photo on the right shows the view from the left, there is an equal amount of room to the right as well !!

And I did get to Aqua Jogging in the dive pool at the gym... the water was lovely, but the cold wind on our shoulders and heads was not nice. I literally ran to the sauna to warm up afterwards... probably more like a quick walk! It was lovely to see another blogger/weight watcher there too (Hi Anne). I am now really knackered to tell the truth, I have been on the go since first thing this morning, so might take a break this afternoon.....till later......

I HAVE MY RUMPUS ROOM BACK ! YA HOOOOOO. Steve and Lisa are now in the double bedroom upstairs, the computers are in the study upstairs and Mike is in a double room downstairs.... so we actually don't have any spare bedrooms now! But we do have a rumpus room which has a bedsetee and single bed in it.... so all's great. I am so happy! Now all we have to do is put the treadmill, exercycle and sauna upstairs.... ummmmm might do that another day, they are gunna be difficult to do.... like real heavy!

The best thing about all this moving around is that the place gets a big clean up, so it's like an unofficial springcleaning.

Griffin had a great day again, no crying today at all thank goodness... Am off to sort out dinner for the family now.... they are having sausages and chips! I so don't feel like cooking today.

till later.....Its later, I've had it for the day, and am going to bed for an early night.

STEPS: 10131, STAIRS: 18, GYM: no, AQUA JOGGING:yes (made beds, did washing, vacumed, tidied bedrooms, folded washing, kids to and from school etc etc) !! ha ha ha


  1. I enjoyed the aqua jogging as well - depite the rather chilly day! But take a look now! The sun is out - so... I'm going to go back!

  2. Can you come do my place???? LOL
    Sounds like a busy busy household you have there! Maybe you should title the blog superwoman :)

  3. Hi Chris, I just found you via Jadey's blog and wanted to tell you how healthy you look. (Hubby looks great also after his weight loss). Awesome blog and thanks for sharing all those pictures with us.

    I'm a bit confused about Griffin starting school in November. Nice to have those extra hours for yourself though.

    Have a great week.

  4. I'm testing.
    Have I sussed this?....Hummm I wonder.

    If I have then can you link my name to my original site please.....just incase the same thing happens again and I lose my NEW blog but I have a link to my NEW blog on my original site on my monthly journals....does any of that make any sense?....Hummmmm

    Here is my original link

    Here goes....will it post or NOT?

    Linda x

  5. OOps some of the link address is gone - oh well I have emailed the address to you.

    Linda x

  6. Yep I'm back and if my blog does a disappearing act on me again then I will use my Geocities old faithful web site to journal....yeeehaaa

    You must get up is only 7.45pm here so it is about that Thursday morning there and already you have read journals and changed links...WOW

    Well I'm off to watch the rest of CORONATION STREET!!

    Linda x


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