Thursday, March 23, 2017


I started sorting out Griffin's wardrobe last night... but soon gave up.  It's a job for today.

Anyway... I did haul out one bag that I could see had some interesting stuff in it...

and low and behold:

 ABOVE: Three sets of Christmas lights that I had clear forgotten I had, AND they all worked!  And a pretty little runner, and toys.

ABOVE:  I took the toys out of the bag, and Tallulah slowly 'chose' a few for herself and took them away.  SO CUTE!  She loves, loves, loves toys.  

ABOVE:  Keera was quite keen on the Buzzy Bee... but got carried away and started running with it, and it was swinging around likely to smash something, so I had to take it off her.  It really is for toddlers to pull along, not super energetic 4 year olds!

But she was really cute too.

Yesterday, in the comments section I replied to a comment about drinking Diet Coke.  There were a few replies to my reply... this addresses that:

 ".... I really don't get it. lol"... THAT WAS TONGUE IN CHEEK PEOPLE... I was friggin JOKING!   I am not a fool.  My reflux was caused by several factors:  My eating too many carbs/sweet food, my portion sizes AND probably diet coke too.  Not JUST diet coke.  I am working on all probable causes of the reflux.  And I have cut back on the diet coke by over half... so am not going to feel guilty about that.  

I have not had reflux in about a week, so clearly I'm doing something right. 

I am still going to do my best to cut my diet coke consumption down to as little as possible, without getting dehydrated. And now,  I will leave that subject there.

I have no firm plans for the day,apart from tidying Griffin's wardrobe.  It will be interesting to see what else I find!


1.00 pm :  It's been a quiet morning here.  I've mucked around in the house, doing odd jobs and generally being busy.
Just picked up Miss Muppet from Kindy and she's having her lunch right now.

At 2 pm I have an appointment at the kindy to discuss 'getting her ready' for school.
Like... can't imagine what we have to discuss?
Been there, done that like.... 8 times already.
But, I shall humor the teacher, who insisted it was necessary.  *sigh*

Once we are home again, I shall be tackling that wardrobe.  

I'm sitting in the family room, and I can hear this quiet little cry coming from the lounge.  Keera.
So I call out, come here.
She slowly comes into the room, and I ask her what's the matter?
She replies "I can't get my fort made."
So I tell her to wipe her face, cos there is SNOT hanging off her chin... then I go and help her.

ABOVE:  She usually uses cuddle rugs ... but it just wasn't working for her today.  So I got her a single sheet and showed her how to tuck it into the couch cushions... now she's a very happy girl again.
She's a funny wee thing... she just loves making forts for herself and her toys.

She just came into the family room and said "Thank you for helping me make my fort Grandma".  Awwwww.  She melts me sometimes.

So today has been a bit weird.  I was cold for a while, then hot as hell all evening.  Coronation Street is on shortly, so I shall wind up today's post here. Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


First up for today I will be heading off to Aqua Fit.  I'm really looking forward to it too.

I need to get away from all these smelly boxes of photos!
Last night I worked on sorting through them until well after 11 pm!

I have ONE more big box to go, then I can relax for a while.

At some point I will have to go through them again and sort out photos for Brylee and Griffin, and one or two other extended family members.
But there's no rush for that to be done.

I found one photo that I want to get reprinted:

ABOVE:  It says 'Grandma 21st December 1903'.  I am not sure who's Grandma she was?  But when my Mum comes over in May I will find out.  She was either my Mum's Grandmother, or my Father's.

Family history is really interesting don't ya think?

Once the photos are done, I will be getting back to some sewing I hope.  

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER RENA!  One more year of single digits!  Have a wonderful day.


1.41 pm:  well... I've been super busy today!  Just fluffing around the house mostly... getting washing done, tidying up rooms and so on.
Aqua was good, but a bit cold!
There is hardly any sunshine today, I even thought it was going to rain at one point... so the washing got hung in the garage.

I'm now relaxing for a while! 

Can you believe it?  I'm COLD!  Yep, sitting still for a while and ... cold!  It's WONDERFUL.  So over being unbearably hot all the time.  At least if I'm cold, I can put something ON to warm up.  Too hot... can't exactly strip off eh?

 I hope I'm not going to flip and moan about being cold now!  lol

So funny.   Somehow or other, Brylee managed to get the nick name 'Stick It' within our little immediate family.
I think it was from when she was tiny and grizzly, and we would say 'Cry, cry, cry, stick a finger in ya eye'... or something like that. 

Anyway, just now I asked Keera to find Brylee and tell her I wanted her.  (rather than me yell for her).

So Keera took off down the hallway calling out "Stick It, ... Stick It, my Grandma wants you!"

I just had to smile my head off.  Then Keera came back into the room and told me she had called her sister 'Stick It'... very proudly.  Awwwww. 

Well it's been an uneventful day ... but productive, which I love.
Time to sign off for the day... with no new baby giraffe either I might add.  *sigh*  
It's so... addictive watching her!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well.... once I get the kids to school 'n' kindy I will be coming home and making a start on sorting out those photos.

In the process I will find more photos of my Mum over the years, for the photo boards for her birthday party.

And basically, that is about all I have planned for the day.

I am bound to take breaks and do a few odd jobs around the house too.  Washing/ vacuming/ bit of this 'n' that.  As ya do.

I didn't go to Weight Watchers last night.  I caved and started drinking diet coke again... and OMG... I GAINED 4 kilos in a week!  WTF is with that?

FLUID RETENTION.  Pure and simple.  I knew it was happening... I could SEE IT in my face!
Totally devastating.  So I'm taking a fluid pill today and will no doubt pee out half of that in one go!  Yep, that's how much I've got 'on board' right now.

I'm going to water down the diet coke with ice, so I'm not drinking so much.
The milk?  Just can't keep drinking it... not helping with weight loss at all.

I feel like I take two steps forward, then one back... so bloody sick of it.  But, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. 


Two things have derailed my plans so far this morning.
Firstly, I decided to type up the new, revised Patchwork Group list, and another list to give everyone, with just names and phone numbers on.

So, I'm halfway through doing that when I realise I NEED to still be watching the friggin giraffe April, so I do this:

ABOVE:  both computers going... so I can keep an eye on that bloody giraffe!

Next thing to derail my morning... I go to check my emails.
And for the umpteenth time this year (already), I'm locked out of my email account!
I am so angry at this point, but start to go through the steps to 'recover' my account.
Only... I can't sign into my 'recovery email account' either.
So I have to create yet another account, so I can be sent the friggin code to get into my primary account.
This has taken me almost an hour to accomplish.

I thought anti-viral protection was supposed to stop this sort of shit from happening?  Grrrrrrr.

Moving on... I have now finished both 'tasks', and can get on with the photos.

Thanks for the suggestions re: photo timelines, scanning etc.  I will give it some thought, but if it's going to be a mission for me to work it out, I will be giving it a miss.  I am over computer crap!

I am crabby as hell right now!

Well... it's now 8.09 pm and I'm still sorting photos!
I did stop a few times to do stuff like pick up kids from school/kindy, cook dinner and so on.
But really, I've been at it for hours!

ABOVE:  I think I've made a dent in it!  The bins are photos for each kid.  Then there's ones I'm keeping, ones for other family members, ones for the party... and on and on it goes!

I will be very happy once it's DONE... but for now... it's wind down time.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Patchwork group is on this morning, so that's something to look forward to.

But before that, I've got to take the kids to school 'n' kindy... and for the first time in over 3 months I can go the 'normal' way... but with a vast improvement.

There is now a big roundabout at the end of the main road, which will mean getting to and from the schools will be so much quicker and easier!

3 months of diversions, 3 months of frustration every morning and afternoon, trying to get across that main road using detours,  through the damn traffic, along with everyone else.

They opened up the roundabout to the main road on Friday, and boy did I go WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Now my trip will be so quick and easy.  I can't wait to try it out.

Bex has been a busy girl:

ABOVE:  She has been sewing!  Pillowcases for the boys, wheat bags, and a little drawstring bag.  Well done Bex!

ABOVE:  a couple of nice photos from yesterday... butterfly and bee.  *smiles*

Lastly for this early morning start.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSTON.  15 today... we hope you have an awesome day.


Well isn't it quiet today!
 But not here.  I've been at patchwork group, where I spent the entire morning going around talking to everyone, getting their updated details for the mailing list I'm working on.
I have two notices to send out asap, so have to get this updated and done today.
So, that will be my afternoon... collating and typing up the 2017 Group List.

It was wonderful to finally get to talk with everyone in the group (well, all that were there today), and feeling a real part of the group finally.

After I've done that... my next BIG job is this:

ABOVE: Photos.   Lots and lots of photos.  90% are mine.  The other 10% are what my Mum left here for me (I don't want ANYONE thinking I've just taken them).   It's time to de-clutter, and give all the kids some.  
I'm also still gathering photos for my Mum's photo boards, for her 80th Birthday Party.
That will be another big job.

Question:  When you are sending an email out to over say... 40 people,  do you choose Bcc so they get it, but don't see all the other email addresses?

Thanks for the help with that girls.

Like usual, quiet night here.  I'm watching TV, and the giraffe, and listening to GLEE too.  *smiles*  Us girls can multi-task for sure.

Winding down for the day.  Very pleased with my efforts today.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Towards the end of this year I hope to finally get a 'front door' entrance made. I've been playing with ideas for a while, and something like either of these two will be 'it' I think:

ABOVE: Ignore the colours! Very limited options on my computer. But you get the gist.

I really want this done because it will give shelter from the rain while standing at the door, and it will add some desperately needed street appeal to our home.

Stew quite 'likes' the triangular option, whereas I prefer the square one.

I have a couple of other plans for the section, but it all has to wait till after June.

We have my Mum's party and our Wedding Anniversary to afford first! NOT to mention Steve is turning 30 in April too!

Shit, all the kids are getting VERY grown up all of a sudden.

Today we will be going SOMEWHERE... only we haven't decided WHERE yet! I will be back later with more.


AND.... we have decided to visit Hamilton Zoo. We haven't been there in over 20 years! So, about time we checked it out again.

I wonder how much it has changed?

Last time we were there we found it rather boring, except for the bird aviary that you could walk through.

Stew has gone to rouse the teenagers... so hopefully we can get there before it gets too hot.

Re: the front entrance detail... I thought the square one would STOP anyone from parking their car too close to the front door?


 ABOVE:  birds. Derrr.

 ABOVE:  A very cute baby chimp, and one that looked like me on a hot afternoon.

 ABOVE:  I think I managed to photograph this big cat the only time in moved all day.

 ABOVE:  There are 6 male giraffe at Hamilton Zoo, all progeny of the breeding pair in Auckland Zoo.  They have no plans to ever have a breeding programme at the Hamilton Zoo... bugger!

 ABOVE:  My favourite animal, the Rhino.  Brylee on the phone with one of her girlfriends, for about an hour!

 ABOVE: One lone meerkat. 


 ABOVE:  Kune kune pig... just pigging out.  

 ABOVE:  "NO, I don't want to stand here and get my photo taken with the bloody giraffe!"

ABOVE: My second most favourite animal, the giraffes.  They are magnificent animals... magical right up close.

Round up of our zoo visit?  Nice, the zoo has heaps of shade, which was much appreciated on a day like today.

It's changed heaps since we were there last, which was easily 20 years ago!  Lots more exhibits, but you simply don't get to see that many of the animals because they 'hide' from the sun.

We will never take Keera again.  She has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in the animals AT ALL.  She wanted to leave within about 5 minutes of arriving!  Seriously.

She bitched and moaned the entire 2 hours we were there.  I would have stayed longer, but not with her in tow.

After leaving the zoo, we went to the mall and had a late lunch then came home.  It's another stinking hot afternoon, so we are chilling out inside in front of the fan.
Too hot to do much else right now.

Kinda to be predicted, our late afternoon and evening has been nice and quiet.
Broadchurch was on tonight, really enjoying this series too... lots of red herrings.
Off to bed in the next hour or so. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


I slept in this morning.
Well not really.  There wasn't much sleeping going on.
I've got a headache from hell and Keera has coughed all night long.  So, damn tired now.

Keera is on asthma medication, but it sure doesn't seem to be helping right now.  I'm about to take a pill to kill the headache, then hopefully the day will start to pick up.

Today we will just be around home.  Stew needs to mow the lawns and I need to get a pile of washing done.  All boring shit.

The big kids and Stew are all still in bed, so it's nice and quiet. Apart from the coughing kid.


11.30 am: Things are perking up.
Everyone is up, jobs are getting done.
I went outside and trimmed the 4 standard basil trees (edit:  Thanks Margie, they are Bay trees not Basil trees!  Basil is a little plant!):

ABOVE:  Trimmed, not killed!  I have a bad habit of trimming trees ... till they just need to be chopped down!  Comes from being a bushman's daughter?  lol

Brylee has been helping too... even with a sore shoulder.  As she's left handed, and it's her right shoulder that's injured, she can still do stuff.  Cool.

5.11 pm:  Well it's been a fairly busy afternoon.  I've been going through photos for my Mum's party.  There are not that many of my MUM!  Rather typically, she was the one taking all the photos, so isn't in that many through the years.
She's going to send me a few that she's got too, so hopefully we have enough for a decent board or two.

Stew's had to mow the lawns TWICE as they were too long!  The lawns have been growing like CRAZY.  So, he went over then once at a higher setting, then again at a lower setting.  It's taken him all afternoon, poor bugger.

And it's HIS turn to cook dinner!  ha ha ha... 

1.04 am:  Well a late night for me... but not unusual.  I got engrossed watching some taped tv programmes, and watching that bloody giraffe, April!
She is still hanging on to her calf.  I have NEVER stared at a giraffe's bum so much in my life.
I hope she has it soon cos I've over her bum.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Well I've got clear plans for today.

1.  Kids to school and kindy.
2.  Bike ride, hopefully further than last time.
3.  Into Hamilton to get a few things for my Mum's party, like boards for photos, attendance book and so on.
4.  Lunch with Stew.
5.  Home to pick up Keera and the big kids.

So, that's me day organised.

We have a small notebook on the fridge door, where people can write down things we need next time I go grocery shopping.

 ABOVE:  Not much of a list I must say!  Brylee wrote Weetbix and Spagetti.

Griffin wrote 'A Life'... I presume he meant Brylee needed one?  Yep, pretty sure that's what he meant.  Rather funny.

ABOVE:  I saw this amazing sculpture on a tv programme yesterday.  I would LOVE to do something like that one day!  Must learn to weld first though!
Hmmmm.... better not go there, or I'll have to buy an arc welder!  OH hang on!  I just checked on TradeMe and they ain't that expensive!  WHOOPS.  Shouldn't have looked.  ha ha!

Right, I'm off to get the day started.


PHEW! What a morning I've had.

First up, I went to the Warehouse Stationary for the cardboard project boards, to put photos on for the party.  Then I spied this:

ABOVE:  Keera has NO IDEA about 'yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week' and so on.  So she is going to be taught.  She can start counting down until her Great Grandma's party.  She thinks it's TOMORROW... every day!  *sigh*.  So, let's see how long it takes to sink in that it's still ages away!

After grabbing that... I wandered some more and saw something else... which was just too good a price to pass up!

It was down from $659 to .... $297!:

ABOVE:  This awesome shelving unit for Griffin's room!  He is going to love it I'm sure.

BRYLEE already has a beautiful Rimu Shelving Unit in her room... just IN CASE SOMEONE suggests she is missing out.  

After the shop staff put the unit in my car, I went over to the supermarket to get a couple of things I needed for dinner tonight.
And bugger me if I didn't see another awesome money saving deal!

All bottled wine, buy more than 6 and you got 20% off!
As I needed to get quite a few bottles of wine for my Mum's party, I decided to grab some right there and then.

ABOVE:  I'm hoping that's enough for everyone to have a drink to 'toast' my Mum!  I still have to get orange juice and some fizzy yet.

AFTER that... I had lunch with Stew and came home.

I've now learnt how to get the tow bar off me car... so I could get the shelving unit out!
That was a bit of a struggle, but I did it!
I had to... if I wanted to pick the kids up after school!  There was no room for kids in the car with the shelving unit in it.

And now it's done, and in his room.  Won't he be surprised when he gets home!
I'm now taking a break for a while, before it is time to go and get said kids.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED... Just got a phone call from college.  Brylee has dislocated her shoulder while swimming ... so I have to pick up Keera early from Kindy, then the big kids and go up to the hospital I suppose.   

4.54 pm:  And nope, we didn't need to go to the hospital.  By the time I got up to the college the nurse had re-located the shoulder, so I took her to the local medical centre.  From there, we were sent or an x-ray, then back to the medical centre.
The Doctor has sent a letter to the orthopedic surgeon who saw her back in July (2016), and we expect to hear from him within the next week or two.

If this keeps happening she will need shoulder surgery.  What made today's incident a bit of a worry was that it happened while she was swimming in the school pool.  Not exactly the safest place to suddenly be in immense pain with an immobilized shoulder.

Now we are home, I've managed to get dinner prepared and NOW I'm taking half an hour to cool down before cooking the dinner.

Proud of tonight's dinner effort.  I made a beef salad like the one I had at the Hamilton Gardens Cafe. 

Mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, shredded Parmesan cheese, and pistachio nuts all tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, with medium rare beef strips on top and basil pesto on the side.
I also added a small bowl of potato wedges for everyone too.  Everyone loved it!

I'm now watching Coronation Street and enjoying some down time.  It's been a busy day.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


After my interesting car park fiasco the other day... I couldn't help but take a photo of this:

ABOVE:  At the supermarket yesterday!  I was on 'his' left,  on the other side of the pedestrian crossing.  Some people have NO IDEA how to park.

ABOVE:  This is what happens when I finally lose some weight!  Rings get too loose.  It will be tape for a while now, until it gets too annoying.  Then I'll cough up and get them re-sized.  If it's not too cold I WILL go to Aqua fit today.  There are no big jobs to do around here today, so no excuses.

If you are a Pepsi reader, there's actually been a couple that I forgot to 'advertise'.  


 ABOVE:  Last night... talking to her Uncle Steve.

 ABOVE:  We may not have been there, but these guys make sure to include us in their everyday lives, which is so lovely.
Archer ate my share of the cake apparently.  Little piglet.

 ABOVE:  I've just planted the new winter plants, and some more lettuces.  Hopefully the white butterflies don't get to them.  
I might even go and get another of those 'strawberry' covers.

The rhubarb is growing like mad!
And so are the buxus plants.  I will have to trim them soon.

ABOVE:  Talking of strawberries, do you take out the plants now?  Or leave them for next year?

So, it's early afternoon and I've just had lunch.  Keera is home from Kindy too.
After Aqua I went into town looking for a shelving unit for Griffin's room.  Might have found something at Mitre 10.
We will go look later on this afternoon.

It's quiet time now.  Keera is happily drawing in her notebook and I'm watching the telly for a while.

Tonight's dinner was takeaways.  I've now got reflux... CLEARLY I can't have dinners.

Coronation Street is now on Thursday/Friday and Saturday nights!  Love it.
Poor Stew takes himself off to the lounge ... he has to watch sport!  Such a shame.

*smiles*... it's nearly bedtime for me.  I'm bloody tired.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DAUGHTER-IN-LAW EVER (of course, she's our only daughter-in-law right now!)... we hope you have an awesome day BEX.

I'm off to Aqua Fit again this morning.
The mornings are getting much cooler, so I hope the pool isn't too cold.
And I wonder how many people will be there today?
Last week there was only 8 of us.

After Aqua, I will come home, shower and get on with some housework.  Or sewing.
I've not been feeling the urge to sew these past couple of weeks.  I think that's because I really don't like using the little sewing machine.
It's like a toy!

I popped into Sewing Machine World yesterday to ask how much longer my machine would be, but the shop owner had no idea. 
I miss McDreamy.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  The neighbour's chickens were out again last night.  First time I've seen them out in over a month!  But... clearly he got home from work and let them out, cos it was the same time as 'per usual'.

At least they didn't come into our yard this time... but they did make our dogs bark like crazy.  Which isn't fair, cos they were wearing their bark collars.

Well, pretty boring post today!  Hopefully something more interesting pops up during the day!


ABOVE: My look for the day?  Nah!  Just peeled onions for dinner.  Now have a crock pot on with pea/bacon and onion soup.  And the goggles?  Well that's so I don't cry peeling and chopping up the onions... OF COURSE!

And NOW,  I better go do my hair!  What a fright I look.  lol

Since doing me hair, I've made beds, tidied up the house, done two loads of washing and hung them out, pulled all the old tomato plants out of the garden, weeded my strawberry/herb garden and generally gotten all hot and sweaty!

All THAT after not going to Aqua!  I simply wasn't feeling in the mood to get all wet and cold!  So,  I'm hot and sweaty instead!  Derrr.

After I pick Keera up from Kindy, we are going into Hamilton to pick up my blue sapphire ring.  I got it re-sized so it would fit on a bigger finger.  All my other rings are starting to swing around me fingers... but I won't get them made smaller YET.

3.50 pm:  And we are back from Hamilton.  I picked up Lacy and we 3 went to lunch.  That was nice for Keera and Lacy, they got to spend some time together.

ABOVE:  Like Griffin, hard to get a decent photo of that tart sometimes!  

After lunch we bought some new vege plants (Whoops!,  they are still in the car), then some fresh bread for dinner.  Then I took Lacy home and headed home myself.

I picked up Brylee and Griffin from school... I was 'on the road' anyway, so decided to pick them up and save them a hot, sweaty walk home.  I had an ulterior motive...

Griffin in now turning over the vege patch, ready for planting the new seedlings.  Brylee is going to put the weeds and remaining agapantha trimmings in the garden bag,  and that's the afternoon sorted.

I like days when I do dinner in the crock pot!  No rush at the end of the day to cook dinner.

Well dinner was lovely.  I had some and now (10 pm)... I have reflux.  Fuck it.
I shouldn't have pushed it.
Drinking milk now... hoping it settles down soon so I can go to bed at some point tonight.