Sunday, May 24, 2015


I had been thinking of moving stuff around in the lounge for ages, and yesterday was such a shitty day with no likelihood of doing anything outside thanks to the weather, it was perfect for re-arranging the lounge.

Sadly for the guys, it meant they had to do all the 'work' cos my back is shot.

They did it very good naturedly too... I've got such nice men in my life eh?



ABOVE:  being able to move the TV from it's old position to in front of the window was the first step.  If the cables hadn't reached it was not going to work.  But it did.  Yaaaa.

 ABOVE: The reason for moving the TV was so I could get more seating down the 'fire' end of the lounge, where it's warm and cosy.

I also wanted to get my desktop computer back in the lounge, as where it was in the Family room, it was in a draft and I got really COLD there.  

ABOVE:  Now I can work on my compter and glance to my right at the TV too.  I'm really happy with the shuffle around.

It's been FOUR days since I had a photo of our grandsons on here!  Bloody hell, can't have that!...

ABOVE:  Archer is getting a bit chubby in his face now, he's gorgeous!  Our little Dante is taking up a storm, there is no shutting him up!  He's saying 'Granddad' non stop now too... he's adorable.

Today we are expecting Kelly and Rena for a visit.  They will get to meet Archer for the first time.  

Stew and I need to do a grocery shop sometime today too.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Kelly and Rena arrived mid morning and gave me some late Mother's Day gifts. I got spoilt.  
Everyone has had lunch and now Stew and I are going to do the grocery shopping.
Fingers crossed it's not too busy in the supermarket.

I turned the fire on today ... it's so warm and cosy in my lounge, it looks so nice with a fire on.

Stew and I got the grocery shopping done this afternoon, then everyone helped put it away.
I made a Ham/Tomato/Cheese bake thing for dinner.

Kelly and Rena left late afternoon, and I expect them back next Sunday for another visit.

End of Day:  a nice day, even if the weather was a shocker.  Talk about wet!
nite nite


  1. I'm a furniture mover too Chris but don't do it so much now. Too much to move lol. The boys are gorgeous. Enjoy them. My grandkids think they know more than me! My baby one is 10 next month.

  2. Hey.... I have sent two emails now but wondering if you are getting them? Crappy weather down here yesterday as well. Love the new look in your lounge. Beautiful photos of your grandchildren too.... sooo cute.

    1. Ha! Found them in my Junk Folder. Replied.


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