Sunday, March 11, 2012


ON our way to netball yesterday.... we stopped at some lights.... and there were a couple of men cleaning windscreens for a coin.  Totally illegal of course, but that doesn't stop them.  Anyway... one of them catches me eye, so I get me camera out and snap a photo:

 ABOVE: I take this first photo...  they see us, so the guy in the red holey singlet poses with a big smile on his dial:

ABOVE:  really happy chap!  I tell him he needs to buy himself a new singlet!  He laughed and said that's why he was washing windscreens!.....

ABOVE:  then he came over and washed ours!  Stew gave him $2..... even though we reckon with that belly he ain't buying a singlet, he's most likely buying beer!  BUT we might be wrong... lol

Our plans for the day are up in the air right now... not sure when Mike has another netball game today.
If it's not too early I'm sure some of us will go and watch.

Then who knows!  Maybe a trip down to the waterfront, and ice cream ....


Waiting for Steve to wake up.  Could be interesting!  He got wasted last night.... put a bucket in his room when he crashed out on the bed....

Seems he's a lucky shit.... and he feels fine!  Pfffft.

 ABOVE:  cute babes, bathtime.

And... meal time for the frogs:

ABOVE:  YUMMY!  Mealworms, I just bought 500 of them!  Wonder who counted them out???  lol

WEBBY:  a singlet is that item of clothing you were closest to your skin, it usually has no sleeves and is made out of cotton... that bloke has a red one on with lots of holes!
Next: washing car windscreens at street intersections is DANGEROUS, and cars have to try and avoid people so they don't run them over!
Next:  WINDSCREENS = windshields, we just call them windscreens cos they 'screen/protect' you from the wind!  

Family visit is going.... ????   Let's just say it's not all roses.

MAGPIE: yep, Off to open a bottle of wine, my favourite:  Henkell Trocken!

PISTOLS AT sunrise... or sunset in this case! one raised their voice... I wish my kids would realise that blood is thicker than water.  And the hurt inflicted has been on US... and we are big enough to rise above it for the sake of our daughter... and her baby-to-be.
No matter what our kids do to us, and LACY is not the only one who has hurt us in the past, we still love them, NO MATTER WHAT.  We might not like what they have done, but we are still FAMILY.

End of Day:  gimme another wine.  I need it.  
ON TRACK:  well hell yeah, let's not count the freaking wine!
nite nite.

Oh hell... I have drunk a whole bottle of wine... and already feel mega pissed... don't think lying down is gunna be a nice experience tonight.  and Stewy...ain't gunna get lucky... unless he holds a bucket.


  1. I always give money to the windowwasher guys, but never let them wash it, at least he was cherry and happy, and yes he needs a new singlet.

  2. Oh man, I remember those days of needing a bucket in the room. Glad they are over. :-)

  3. O Gosh - a chance to learn something new! What is a singlet? Why is it illegal to wash windows????? & last buy not least - whey do they call them "windscreens "? they do not have any screens in them -do they???????

    Can you tell I am just full of beans tonight??????????????
    Love the babies - they are precious!
    hugs - your "nosey US neighbor???LOL

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Hahaha I like the photo of the window men. Although check out the price of your petrol behind them! Is that per litre?

  5. Uh oh, hope no one gets too pissy with anyone else lol.

    We call those wife beaters here (usually they are white) haha. Or tank tops/under shirts.

  6. Anonymous6:41 PM

    oh yeah having lots of people means lots of tidying up and organizing for you... not restful and quiet. Personally the idea of visitors is always nicer than the actual reality as you usually get left with more mess when they leave. Hope you are enjoying their company :-)

  7. Have one for me too. Maggie

  8. Hugs!! I love how you have a sense of humour still. :)


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