Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The SENCO teacher at our kid's school gave Griffin a book to read ... it belongs to her boys.  She said the other day she was sure he would love reading it.  Griffin? Reading? Loving it?   I couldn't imagine it!


ABOVE:  he is reading! He is loving the book!  He even missed his turn on the X Box in favour of reading!   (I'm wondering how long it will last now!)

 ABOVE:  My beautiful, but kinda ugly Teddy.  

ABOVE:  I can't blame him for looking away!  I shoved me camera right in his face!

ABOVE:  Miss Coco is adorable too... she never looks ugly!  *smiles*  YES, she is still in her cone.
She just won't leave her 'hot spot' alone.

LYNDA:  our dogs get fed the same food, have done for all their lives.  They are FINE with what we feed them.... the only time they get allergy flare ups is in summer.... so it is an ENVIRONMENTAL allergy of some sort, most likely pollens.
It ain't wheat in their food. And I don't even know if there is wheat in their food.  I didn't look!

13 years ago today we lost my brother Vern. Nearly 28 years ago we lost my brother Peter.  Nearly 12 years ago we lost my Dad.  
All the men in my immediate family gone.
Strange how time flies, it doesn't feel that long ago!

Today is Hospice Shop day.  I was thinking of walking down there, but it's a bit much to walk down there, then stand on me feet for hours in the shop straight after.  So, scrap that idea. 

Hopefully I will find some treasure today... 


Pissing down out there again... so no way am I walking!  When I get home from Hospice Shop I will go down and do the treadmill/exercycle again.  I know I will feel better for it.

LEIGH:  clever girl!  It is indeed 'Diary of a Whimpy Kid'.  And the teacher has the whole set for Griffin to read.

ABOVE: today's treasure... more baby clothes!  I even got a wee hat/bootie set in blue, I'm sure there will be another grandson or two in our future! As Lacy has plenty of baby girls clothes, I shall put this lot aside for the next baby girl.

It was very busy in the shop this morning... quite tired now!  We got a large box full of gorgeous hand knitted wool blankets in today, so I put two aside for me to buy next week.  One is shocking pink, and the other is in shades of blue.  I think they will make great gifts.

Just had lunch and now I'm going to watch Home and Away on the telly ... before I do some housework.

*sigh*  raining... so damn sick of it.  Steve still not well, so I picked him up mid-afternoon, and the kids from school.  No time to do anything else yet... luckily dinner is going to be an easy one... Butter Chicken.
I haven't made it for a while ... yum.

End of Day:  another stinking wet day.  Didn't get much done this afternoon... batteries ran out.
ON TRACK: yes.
nite nite


  1. Well done to Griffin books are great and encourage imagination!!Teddy is adorably ugly Coco is just adorable, could you drive half way walk half way? nah cause then if you buy treasures you have to carry that back too!!!!

  2. If it is the time of year then that is fine :) Many dogs have allergies to their food (most dog foods contain wheat) and the longer they are fed it, the more likely they are to develop an allergy.

    It sure is a crappy day out there huh?

  3. Leigh8:18 AM

    Looks like Griffin is reading 'diary of a whimpy kid' these are great and very popular there is a boxed set on sale on fishpond at the moment check it out!

  4. Yay for Griffin reading!!! Siobhan has just finished the second in that series & has asked me to get her the 3rd, she was never a big reader but these books have grabbed her too.

    Enjpy the Hospice shop today :-)

  5. Trevor isn't much of a reader yet either and he likes Captain Underpants a lot. He laughs while he reads it it's so cute.

  6. Chris has the whole set too, he loved them got him reading once the he read the lot that was it having said that he did read them time and time over again, and oh he loved the Andy Griffiths series as well... maybe buy him the set as Chris went back to reading them time and time again a good investment and here is a link to the Andy Griffiths books...

  7. Anonymous11:37 AM

    my 9 year old loves those books - just got him some more at the Whitcoulls sale buy 3 get 30% off plus the $5 book month voucher made them more affordable.


  8. Liam loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid and re reads it all the time
    So glad Griffin has found some books he likes
    Once the chaos settles for me we can arrange another catch up for sure

  9. My older grandsons have loves reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Griffin will be on to Harry Potter before you know it.

  10. I'm glad your son is enjoying the book. Like Jeanie said, it will lead to other books, and so on! The pups are adorable as ever! So sorry Coco is wearing a cone.

    We are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow. Thankfully, I don't have errands to do, just cleaning!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  11. Our Grandson loves those Whimpy Kid books.
    Hope the rain stops. Great going with your purchases this morning. The Hospice shops all over seem to have great things for sale at far more reasonable prices than the Salvation Army shops. The one in Levin is wonderful :)

  12. The Wimpy Kid books are great. My son was a reluctant reader and they really got him interested. Maybe he can watch the movie afterwards?

    Is all this rain in NZ normal? When I come over for my cruise in November will I need to pack winter clothes. We are visiting top and bottom!

  13. When I worked in the Children's section of the public library we got really good at recommending books for reluctant readers. If he likes the series, you can tell them that and they will recommend similar books. Even better, you can borrow them for free!

    I was a reader as a child and it definitely made school easier. I can't believe he turned down the X-box!

    I hope this has started a love of reading for Griffin.

    Penny xo

  14. I've never heard of those books. Where have I been.

    Another great day of shopping at Hospice. Gosh they have a great selection up there.

  15. O Wow- Griffin reading - that is WONDERFUL! I hope that is the "Magic Key" to open the world for him. When I was little I used to tell Mama that a book could take me anywhere I wanted to go.

    Your new "treasures" are so beautiful. You sure have a "good eye"!

  16. I can't help being being jealous of all the lovely things you buy for your grandkids.

    My mother died when I was pregnant with Guy and I really *really* missed not having her input re: clothing, nursery, etc and just general advice and support. Sadness.....

  17. My son is also into reading this year. He use to only read comics, but now he actually read books without any pictures.

  18. Anonymous10:19 PM

    You sound down, matter how hard you try and hide it. Thinking of you, girl. xxx


  19. How funny to read you are a Home and Away fan. I have watched almost every episode since it started. I love it and Neighbours the same, in fact they are the only regular things I watch on TV (don't know what that says about me!!!)When we visited Oz over 20yrs ago we visited Pin oak Court (neighbours) and Palm Beach Home and Away. Hope both go on for ever.

  20. Good for Griffin. Sorry to hear your summer has been on the soggy side. Darn weather!

  21. I am a reader reader..and leave books all over the all my kids are readers too..I think they saw my enjoyment and wanted some!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    we could use some rain here in central Pa!!

  22. Anonymous4:47 AM

    How great that Griffin is reading! it will open up a whole new world for him!! Teddy is NOT ugly!! I think he's darling! Coco Too. I can't wait to bring my little one home the end of april. I refer to your old posts on your litter to see how they develop each week!! ...debbie


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