Thursday, December 13, 2018


Today I'm going to work on the Red/Silver Tree Table Runner... I plan on getting it close to finished today.

The other thing now bumped to the top of the 'To Do' list is to find Brylee a car.

We looked online last night, and I found a few worth checking out... mostly in Auckland though.
But I will have a good look around the Waikato too.

She needs a little, economical car, not too expensive, not too high kms ... so not a big ask!
In fact, there's quite a few out there!

She was going to wait longer to get a car, not realising that you really didn't NEED $10,000 in the bank to get a car!  She's got more than enough for what she's looking for.

Another thing I must do today is take Griffin down to the Med Lab for his next blood test.  He must have quarterly blood tests to make sure the Acne medication is not having a detrimental affect on him.  

ABOVE: One of the side effects of the acne medication is increased sun sensitivity.  Griffin got sunburnt recently... and has now peeled.   He will now have to be extra careful he doesn't get burnt again!

He's also had very bad nose bleeds from his nasal passages getting too dry, and horribly dry, cracked lips ... so he had to halve the medication for a while. The nose bleeds and cracked lips were also caused by the medication. 

The worst side affect of this medication CAN be severe depression.  So, I've been keeping a close eye on him, so far he seems to be just fine.

But it is kinda hard to judge when you have a stroppy teenage boy, who likes to hang out in his bedroom in the dark all day, playing friggin PS4. lol

So that's me day planned... as much as one can plan a day... ya never know what can come along and bugger it all up eh?


2.50 pm:  And Brylee just informed me that I've not updated the blog today.  Well excuse me!  I've been a bit busy!

Sewing... yep.
Blood test for Griffin... yep.
Lunch... yep.
Rang insurance companies for quotes for Brylee, when she owns a car... yep.
Looked online a a gazillion cars... yep.

Tired now... yep.

And I've got to do some more sewing, I'm helping out an FBG girlfriend with her ABBA COSTUME. So I better get back to it.

So... I've had an excellent afternoon.
I finished the Red and Silver Tree Table Runner for a friend down in Christchurch AND I finished the little bit of sewing for my friend's ABBA costume.

I can now relax tomorrow and just get my house ship shape and tidy for our visitors tonight.  

Bedding needs to be washed, dried and put on the beds, bathrooms need cleaning, food sorted... bla bla bla.  

Time to finally take time out and watch Coronation Street.


  1. How is the acne on Griffin's face now? Is there an improvement? I'm glad you are watching out for him... good Mum. Back in the day my son had bad acne but he was put on a lotion which seemed to work well. It's good you are doing all you can because bad acne is not pleasant and he's such a good looking young man!

    Yes, there are some good cars around for way less than $10,000 - modern cars are so much more reliable too. Happy hunting, I know you'll find something.

    1. There has been some improvement on his face, not that noticeable yet... but on his back it's AMAZING how much it's reduced!

  2. Hello :) I've been reading your wonderful blog for several months now..This is my first time to comment (I'm shy, I guess :) ).....Just want to tell you I just love reading about your life in New Zealand! I live in America and sadly, didn't know a lot about New Zealand..So I've been busy googling all the cities and towns you talk about...What fun I'm having!! I'm a "rather" old retired lady so it's such fun to learn about your life way "over/under" there! I do wish I had all the energy you have!! Love your new pool! Will be such fun for you this summer! We are "winter" here but so far it's been a fine winter..A little snow to give us all the Holiday spirit! Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for blogging...I am so enjoying hearing about all of your adventures! :)

    1. Hi Chick, nice to know you are enjoying my blog AND learning a bit about our country too. *smiles*

  3. Putting my insurance hat on, get Brylee the cheapest little reliable runabout. It has to be insured with her as the usual driver to avoid problems if there is a claim so Third Party Only or possibly Third Party Fire & Theft will be the best options. Her excess will also be high. I think it is AMI who do a good price for young drivers so full cover may be an option with them. I suggest she gets prices so she knows how much extra on top of the car she will need to have. Do not get a Subaru (any sort), or anything on the "cars most stolen" lists. The more basic the better because the more bells & whistles it has, the more that can go wrong. It is her first car so generally the excitement of that diminishes any flaws in the actual car :-)

    1. Thanks for your help Chick, we are all sorted now.. if we get a car on the weekend we can activate her new policy and be covered immediately.

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Hi Chris, a friend had a similar nose problem and ended up going to a specialist who advised to put Vaseline in her nose, we laughed at this simple solution after all the things she tried and paid big money for, Jo

    1. LOL... yes our Doctor told him to do the vaseline up the nose thing too! Horrible but it works!


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