Friday, December 14, 2018


PAULA:   here's your runner!

ABOVE:  It is done and ready to post... hopefully I will get it off today for you.

 ABOVE:  Close up details.

We are going up to Auckland on Sunday for Dante's 6th Birthday.  While there we will be checking out at least two little cars for Brylee:

ABOVE: They are both Nissan March's, one is a 2008 and the other is a 2009.  Both look good, have low-ish mileage and are with Dealers.  So there is some security re:  not stolen or have money owing on them.

Now ... today.  We are expecting visitors tonight, so I need to sort out beds, and put Lacy on an airbed in my sewing room.
lol.... bet she's gunna love that!

Lacy had dental work late yesterday afternoon, I wonder how she's feeling today?  She had an extraction and the first part of a root canal done... ikkk.

I'd love to go for a walk this morning too... if the weather isn't too shitty.  We had heaps of rain last night... haven't had a chance to look out the window yet to see what it's like.  But, if it's not pissing down, I will go for a walk.  Most likely on my own this time.  The FBG walks have dried up for now.  And that's fine... I can still walk on me own eh?

This summer I am determined to NOT put on weight, or lose my fitness.  

Right, better start the day... catch ya later.


Well... how rude!
One of our visitors arrived early, and got me outta bed!  lol, just joking!
Jacqui dropped Joel off at Lake Karapiro for rowing and is working from 'home' today.
My home.
But right now, she's watching the boy row, and Brylee's gone along for the hell of it.

Or more likely, cos she didn't want to clean the bathroom right now. *smiles*

I have been to town and posted that gorgeous runner off to it's new owner.  She should get it on Monday, which I think is awesome!

WALKING?  Hell NO!  The bloody sun came out and it's literally a sauna outside.  Impossible for me to walk in that sorta heat.

Might have to go out late tonight instead.  Maybe.
Cos ... well... we do have visitors eh?

Right now... I'm gunna go attack Griffin's bedroom.  I asked him 3 days ago to tidy it up and move his bed around so I could get to the window and blind ... but of course he didn't.

So now I get to do it, on me own.  With a rubbish bin, cos there's a shit load of rubbish in there.  Little shit.

Friggin room is done... all tidy (thanks Lacy for your help).  Except a HUGE basket full of his clothes.  Some dirty, some clean... some he's never worn... ALL scattered around his room. I'm leaving that lot for him to sort out.

12 noon:  
 ABOVE:  Relaxing in the pool.  Did some swimming around in circles, great exercise.
Lacy and Brylee joined me too.
Lay in the sun, lots of clouds, but some sun too.

Then at 3 pm, HUGE CLOUDS, thunder and lightening... headed inside, after putting the pool cover on for the first time.

 ABOVE: And it utterly pissed down! 

ABOVE:  for all of about 10 minutes!  And now... the sun is out again and it's blistering hot and humid!

ABOVE: I'm thrilled with my hydrangea corner, sad the flowers don't last anywhere near long enough.

Lacy just left for Tauranga... she's going to stay over there with friends till Sunday night.
One less mouth to feed!

I've just put Pork Belly in the oven for dinner tonight, me mouth is already drooling!  lol

What a lovely lazy, (sorta), day I'm having!

10 pm:  well my Aunt from Auckland didn't arrive after all... she's not well.
So, just Jacqui and Joel here.

I felt quite ill this afternoon/evening, think the sandwich I had for lunch at 4 pm didn't agree with me.

The family enjoyed the pork belly, but the smell of it almost made me throw up!

Feeling a bit better now thankfully.

Just watched the movie "Dumplin" on Netflilx with 'my bestie' Jacqui, it was a nice movie.  Total Chick Flick, Stew buggered off to the lounge!

I would like to add..... JACQUI dictated that bit about her being my 'BESTIE'.... LOL!  Now she's giving me the fingers.  Such a NICE person.

Time to sign off for the night.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Do you use fancy stitches around the trees Chris or is it ric rac or something. Such a lot of work! They are stunning.

    1. It's all 'fancy' stitches Karen. Yes, quite a bit of work, but so worth it for the gorgeous result.

  2. Thanks so much Chris!! I love my runner 🙂. Have a lovely day.

  3. Wondered if the runner was for Paula. Its beautiful as always

  4. Hi Chris, I wanted to write the other day what a great idea that apron was and how good it looked!!!! Creative genius!!! Christy xxxxx

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Lol...about Griffins made me and probably everyone else laugh...good his skin is clearing up well, such a handsome guy...


  6. Love the red and silver runners. Can't believe Dante is turning 6-where does the time go? Hope Brylee finds a car that suits. We are just getting the thunder and lightening now-and yes it rained for all of about 10mins. I had hoped it would keep raining to soak the garden.

  7. Oh my gosh I watched that while I was sewing the other day and was crying while I sewed lol. I'm such a sap. The little car is so cute!

  8. Nice runner. Happy 6th Birthday to Dante. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you are feeling better.


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