Sunday, December 09, 2018


6.33 am:  time to get up and head down the road for the Cambridge Trash 'n' Treasure market.

I'm very hopeful that it's another good day... at least we know it's going to be fine! 
We had a red sky last night! lol

First time in ages it's been a red sky.

And no, I didn't take a photo of it! Left it too late. Derrr.

Today's market finishes at 1 pm ... so we will be going into Hamilton after the market.  I want to get a heavy duty case for my new phone... it's a good phone and I want to make sure if I drop it (and I no doubt will), it's as safe as can be.

Right now I just have the 'came with it' silicone case on it, and it's super slippery.  I'm scared of walking around holding it in case I drop the bloody thing!

So yeah, that's the plans for today.  Once again, I will be back after Market!


ABOVE: Today's set up.  I bought a new display basket for the owls... from a stall next door to mine.
It's  pretty cute.

Profits were not as good today as yesterday, but I did make some money.  IN all ... a good weekend!

Having our lunch now, before going into Hamilton.  

9.30 pm:  wow, clearly I forgot to update again. lol
Well... I got a really good phone case in Hamilton, it's now pretty well protected from falls!
Didn't do much else there... tried to find a new bum bag to use at markets, but there was virtually nothing around.

Am now looking online, as ya do.

I'm falling asleep in me chair, so I won't be long outta bed.  Freakin' tired!


  1. Yeah for fine weather! I hope that you are having another super busy, profitable day at your market.


  2. Enjoy your day, hope you have another successful/profitable day.

  3. Love that basket display for the owls,(,its a keeper) and helps out another stall holder in the mix!! Glad all your efforts on combined days paid off. Now time to have some rest n relax n nice afternoon ahead!!

    Fab weather where we are too,,, so nice to enjoy the days out ...

  4. I think your bum bag must be what we call fanny packs. When I do craft shows I use a waiters apron. Has 3 pockets, one for paper money, one for coins and the other I keep a tape measure, a note book and pencil. It would be really easy to make one.

    1. Thanks for that Janice, I have now made myself an apron!

  5. Love the baskets, super cute


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