Wednesday, December 05, 2018


I have 4 black 'Kia Kaha' (Kiwi Label) t-shirts in my drawers.
They have been there for TWELVE YEARS.  

Just sitting there.  Doing nothing.

Cos they didn't fit me in all that time.

Today.... I put one on.  JUST. TO. TRY.... you know... just in case they fit me yet?

ABOVE: And... YES!    They do fit me again!
I am rather wrapt with that.  I'm ever so glad I kept them ... I could so easily have given them away.  Like so many of my clothes over the years.

Have I told you lately just how happy I am with myself?  I'M FREAKING SO, SO HAPPY.

I know I still have quite a long way to go, but I'm FRIGGIN DOING IT.

Today my calendar is totally bare!  Nothing on at all.
Lacy is in Tauranga, should be home some time today.
The big kids are home... floating around somewhere.

I think Brylee has a podiatry appointment this afternoon, then work in the evening.  So that's me being her 'taxi' twice today.

There is an FBG walk on tonight, fingers crossed the weather holds... there's been a few canceled due to the weather this week already.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


AND.... I stand corrected.  *smiles*
LYNDA found some old photos showing me wearing a Kia Kaha T-shirt back in 2008!

ABOVE:  They were taken at my 50th Birthday Party!  (I found the one of me and my cake on the blog).  

The other two, I'm not sure where they came from, probably Lynda... lol!
That's me, Lynn and Sandie, all bloggers at one time.
I do believe I'm the only one of us three still blogging now.

I'm working on my next little project ... so back to it.

3.33 pm:  And we went into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.
And I bought a new mobile phone.  AND now I'm getting super pissed off trying to work it all out. 
I have to sign into EVERYTHING on my phone, only I can't remember half the bloody passwords can I?
AND the email ain't working right now either... so I'm getting super hot and crabby.

WHY the hell did I get a new phone????  I don't need this aggravation!

SLOWLY.  GETTING.  IT.  SORTED.  But OMG what a hassle.  And as I thought, I couldn't transfer over my current game of 2048+, so if I want to continue playing THAT particular game, I have to use me old phone.

And I'm having all sorts of trouble getting it to charge... *sigh*, so I will probably just leave it at 1.64 MILLION.  

So tonight's walk.  I was going to do the first section of St Kilda, which is approximately 5.5 kms, then do the second section tomorrow night.
But... I ended up doing the entire first and second sections tonight!  Griffin joined me which was neat.
We ended up doing 10.90 kms!  My feet are sore, as are my hips.

Something tells me I'm going to be a bit sore tomorrow!

Time to sign off for the night. I'm a bit tired!


  1. WOW WOW WOW Isnt it awesome when things like this happen. Congratulations Chris. Well done!

  2. Great effort fitting the t-shirt u be a happy tart today not crabby xxx

  3. Chris you are looking fantastic. Happy Holidays to you from the good old USA.

  4. Good genes you have . you look the same age now,, as you did 10 years ago.

    Good for you.. keeping the Kia Kaha ones. Lots of wear ahead with them..

    Enjoy the day and maybe the pool will get another try out (smiles)

  5. I wasn't trying to correct you :) Yes, I took those and have one of Lynn and me also taken there... I'm still blogging so that makes two of us. Ten years is still a long time to keep those T shirts but they don't date at all.

  6. Still looking amazing mum..

  7. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Hi looking good in your tshirt...also nice old pics...


  8. Fits you better now though. :)

  9. I hope Brylee's foot doc goes well. I am sure she does not want anyone hacking at her poor tender toes anymore!

  10. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Brilliant, you’ve worked very hard Jo

  11. Look how much healthier & happier you look now!!!.

  12. Hey I read your blog back then ;) Your hair looks cute in those pics too but I know you used to pay a fortune to get it done.

    When I lost all my weight I went through my stuff and I could fit into everything I owned (or it was too big). That was so awesome. Now I'm back to crap clothes. Need to get it together.

    1. I in same boat just can't get the buzz back. Everything aches my breathing is hopeless and general health sucks and I know 5 years ago I weighted 39 kilos lighter and felt like I could rule the world. :(

  13. Good luck with your phone. I need a new one and haven't gotten one because I just don't want the aggravation of figuring out and learning everything I would need to.

  14. Give the new phone a chance. It can't help that it doesn't know your log-ins. It will try to remember!

  15. Maria5:41 PM

    You look better at 60 than 50!

  16. Congratulations on wearing the old t shirt!! Well done!

  17. Lyn is on Facebook, she is looking fabulous now ( just as you are)!

  18. Your Tshirt looks better on you at 60 than at 50.
    with iPhone and Ipads you can blue tooth information from on to the other,so easy.

  19. Did you get an iPhone Chris, they are so straightforward

    1. No I got a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

    2. I always have problems with Samsung Galaxys, they are pretty complicated, good luck with it though.

  20. I try to use the same couple passwords for everything. It's super annoying when the site won't let me use the ones I want lol. Makes it easier for remembering.

  21. I think you will LOVE your phone. It's really a GREAT phone - you just need to get used to it. I have my first iphone right now. I have always had Androids. I feel bad for "cheating" but I found a great deal on the brand new phone on Craigslist. And it's just fine.
    Oh - I really like the pic of you in the t-shirt (from the other day).

  22. T shirt looks mighty on you. Can imagine how thrilled you are. Going to Google Kia Kaha shirts!


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