Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Today Stew is leaving really early, heading off to Auckland for a meeting.

I'm heading into Hamilton, after the school run.  I've got a few things to do.... but mainly I want to find a couple of summer t-shirts for me.

So, a nice morning of shopping ahead of me.

Tonight I have a FBG's walk bang on dinner time.  Such a shit time, but there are not many walks left to choose from.  The Challenge is winding down.  Soon we will be reverting to using the 'social' page and organising our own walks.

Luckily there's heaps of us who want to keep walking, and keeping up our new friendships.  I fully expect to do 2-3 walks a week over summer, though I plan on only walking in the evenings, when it's cooler.

The Urban Challenge will be starting up again around March next year... and we will be doing it all again!  Yaaaa!

When I get home from Hamilton, I have a shit load of housework to get done!
All the usual Monday morning stuff I didn't get done yesterday.

And I'm going to walk around the house and write a list of jobs that need doing in the next few weeks.  Windows, marks on walls and doors, light switches, dusting and so on.  That sort of stuff creeps up on you and before you know it the house if filthy!

Well... to me it's filthy!

I get pretty down sometimes when I get overwhelmed by all the mess... but seriously, I'm probably the ONLY person in this house who cares about the dust and grime!

I can't help it... I SEE it around me all the time.

And I'm NOT suffering from OCD!  I let the house get grubby, then I get all crabby about it!

I took my nautical quilt to patchwork yesterday and asked the ladies if they thought it needed another blue border.  The entire group said "YES", so I shall be working on that later on today too.  

With any luck it will be 'finished' by late today, and I can show you!  (it will be quilted at a later date)

And finally for now:

ABOVE:  What the puppies thought of the duct taped rug.  *sigh*


BEST hot chocolate I've had all year! EPIPHANY CAFE Chartwell Square Hamilton.

I had a lovely time in Hamilton, got myself 4 summer tops then came home.

Sewed the final blue borders on my nautical quilt.

Stood on the bench (as I do) to get the photo and slipped.
Kinda did the splits... so thankful I didn't fall off!  
But I dropped my camera on the tiles ... and my lens flew into pieces and the battery door fell off too.
GUTTED.  Taking it in to be assessed tomorrow at a camera place in Hamilton.  I think the lens is completed munted... but maybe the camera itself is OK?  Fingers crossed, I love my camera.

Gunna be lost without it.  

So in the meantime, I will have to use my phone's camera.  It's not TOO BAD... but not as good as my Canon.

OH!   I did get a photo of the quilt before I slipped... and the camera card is just fine...

ABOVE:  Putting it away now till I can get it quilted.  The anchors look cute!

Coco is acting really weird!  She's skulking around the house, growling.  And now she's hiding under my legs.  No idea what's spooking her.

Penny just dropped.... 

It's Halloween... there are people out there dressed in weird outfits... bet she's seen some outside and it's freaking her out!  Poor girl.  

Did I mention how much I LOVE that quilt?  Cos I do.  I might even have to keep it!

Nice calm evening... Coco settled down eventually.  We are lucky in that where we live we get very few trick or treaters banging on our door. 

Time for bed... hoping for a decent night's sleep, something that is fairly elusive nowdays.


  1. Lol bloody puppies.

  2. Keep up your walking - that is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I wish my house was as clean as yours! ~smile~

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    those babies need some discipline......

  4. As cruel as this sounds could you use a fine mist water spray to psst psst when they chew? Gosh it's the quilt that keeps growing lol....

  5. The quilt is stunning!

  6. Dam mother be carefully...hope you are ok. Bugger about the camera.

  7. Quilt looks great. Thankfully you didn't hurt yourself. Sounds like the camera may be an insurance claim.

    1. Yep, already onto it...getting it assessed tomorrow. Might just need a new lens.

  8. Sorry to hear about your camera. Check out your insurance after you have had it assessed - they might buy you a new camera :) It's always lovely to find places that make decent hot chocolates :)

    1. Our Insurance company have told me to get it assessed, and we go from there. Thank goodness for insurance!

  9. Glad u didn't hurt yourself bugger about the camera though. Hope it's sorted soon

  10. The quilt is stunning. It is beautiful Chris. I thought it was for you? Can't give it away? Is your camera on your insurance? I'm glad you're ok, that's what matters.

  11. Beautiful quilt......

  12. On the down side, bummer about camera but on plus side, the quilt looks amazing.

  13. Love love the quilt. Sorry about your camera.

  14. Quilt is beautiful!
    You are a talented lady.

  15. The quilt looks great!


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