Saturday, October 28, 2017


St Kilda is a very new, rather exclusive suburb here in Cambridge.
Walking around it this week has been very nice.

It's been great noting all the different 'new' house styles out there.  Yesterday I saw, and took a photo of an artistic sculpture in a home's garden:

ABOVE:  Someone was very clever designing this KIWI!   I love it... and if possible I'd love to do something like that too.  Sourcing old wood like that could be difficult, but I will keep me eyes peeled.

Today?  No plans yet... could just be a chill out day at home.  
It will be nice if it's fine so we can get the puppies out on the 'big' lawn for a play, but the weather forecast isn't that promising.

Time to go and get the washing on... cos that shit never ends.


We did the (dirty words) ... grocery shopping this morning.  In the rain.  First time ever we packed our bags inside the store then took them to the car.  Worked a treat, didn't get very wet at all.

But before that... I found a place in Hamilton that supplies firewood in small quantities, so we went there and got three bags full.

ABOVE:  I was gunna help the man, but it was wet and dirty, and I had me new white sneakers on!  So I sat in the car and took a photo instead!  lol

It really is a miserable day out there... constant drizzle.  So probably just spend the rest of the day doing a bit of sewing or playing with puppies, something inside for sure.

I ended up bathing the little fluff balls... not too hard when doing it in the laundry tub!

We have had a lovely quiet afternoon, just relaxing.  Same for this evening really... well except for bathtime and play time with puppies!

I took a million photos... as I do... will share just a few tomorrow.


  1. Loving the sculpture it is raining here but just started. Steady drizzle. What model brand number are your walking shoes?

  2. Beautiful day here in Christchurch. I bet your puppies look super cute after they get out of their bath. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Lol can't get your shoes dirty ;)


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