Saturday, October 14, 2017


4 MONTHS OF WAITING.... and finally today, we get to bring our new little girl home.
MARLEY... we are picking her up at around 2 pm, then visiting Steve and Bex and the kids.

We will be having dinner at their place before heading home with the three kids and puppy.

Here's hoping Keera is happy enough to come home with us!  When I talked to her last, she said she didn't want to come home.

So, clearly she's had a wonderful time with Steve, Bex and the boys.  And that's GREAT.

That is exactly how we want her to feel, considering the fact that next year she is going to be part  of their little family forever.

I'm not going to linger here long, I've go to sort out what I need to take with us... a travel case for puppy, water, food, puppy piddle pads and so on.  

I will try and do a couple of little updates during the day.



ABOVE: We stopped in Huntly at the fabric shop there. And YES! That is Stew actually looking at FABRIC!!! He even found 2 or three we both liked. I ended up spending a considerable amount of money! 

Now on our way again.

9.51 PM:  And we have had an awesome day!
We went shopping in Huntly (of all places!), then Sylvia Park, then we met up with Bex and the three kids and had lunch.
After that we went over to the North Shore and picked up Marley.

Back to Steve and Bex's and this is all I am going to add to today's post.  More tomorrow.

The end!


  1. Exciting. Have an awesome day.

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Exciting! Oh wow,I assumed that wee Keera would go back to living with Lacy one day.Didnt realise she wouldn't be at all.Will it be a formal adoption? Is Lacy concerned about the fall out further down the track?Can't imagine what any of the children will feel when they become adults knowing that their Mum just kept on having kids and then giving them away.Just makes no sense.So glad that she didn't just dump her kids with random strangers but it makes me so sad for the children at what she has done and comes across as not having a care in the world so long as she has her beer and smokes and a man.

    1. Our two big kids are already old enough to understand their background/Lacy's issues. We have raised them with total honesty and they are very well adjusted, well balanced kids with no issues what so ever. They are realists like us. It is what it is. As for Keera, the same thing will happen, she will be raised in a loving family, with honesty and openess about her mother and background. As for Lacy and her lifestyle, her choices, her issues to face. She is grateful for all we have done for her and the kids.

    2. I don't smoke, I'm nothing like I used to be thank you, as for the rest.....i am human, I have fucked up time and time again, I won't lie about it, but no there is not a dam day that goes bye that I don't think about what I have done and about Keera, but hay there is really no point in me going on and on cos some keyboard warrior is bound to attack me again, as for having more kids, it can't happen again, I have made sure of this. Sorry about my comment I am not trying to lash out at you sorry I'm just yea, having a say.

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Opps forgot to say I hope she is grateful for everything you all do for her children and if she was truly grateful she would change her selfish,childish behaviour.Lacy is dam lucky to have you Chris.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I don't know the details about Lacy, but from what I see is for people not to put Lacy down, we don't know all the details and I think Lacy is just doing the best she can to survive the world. Sometimes people have issues that others cannot see and it is not their place to judge....and it is not nice for those beautiful children to see people writing nasty and judgmental opinions about their mother.

    I hope you all have a nice day.


    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      I will always judge those that put partying,drinking and men before their children.

    2. Thanks Peta for your comment, I am no angel and I have fucken up a lot but at the end if the day, I don't give a fuck what people say, I bloody Love Keera and always will, Brylee and Griffin sorry I don't have much of a bond with, I do love them, yes I partyed and shit back in the day, who bloody didn't, and yes my oldest should of come first but they didn't, as for Keera.....diffrent story so yea.
      Thank you for your time

    3. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Well when I became a Mum I didn't party or put drugs,booze or men before my kids.Most people don't Lacy.

    4. Enough ANON... or I will start hitting delete. You have more than had your say.

    5. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Fair enough Chris.Lacy makes me so annoyed because of her I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ATTITUDE.As a Social Worker working for the Ministry for Vulnerable Children I thank you for taking care of your Grandchildren.I found your blog on an internet hate site regarding Lacy.

    6. As a social worker Anonymous you should know that plenty of people still party etc after having kids. Chris and Stew have kept 3 kids out of the system and given them a great home life. We all know that every social worker is perfect too don't we..

      Well done to Chris and Stew and Steve and Bexs for welcoming Keira to their family and home.

  5. Oh, I love fabric shopping. I can't wait for the new puppy stories. I would love a puppy, but can only handle one dog at a time. My 120 pound lab is turning 6 this month. As I am 71, he will be my last big dog.

  6. I admire you and Stew-you have done a great job with all 3 of those sweet kids. You took on alot when you didnt have too,and they all seem like happy well adjusted kiddos. I know its not fair to the 2 of you that you have had to do it,but I know you love them and they seem like amazing kids.

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Congrats on your new puppy Marley and I'm glad that little Keera has been enjoying her stay with Steve and Bex and the two boys. I can't wait to see pics of Marley :)


  9. Cute cute cute puppies.

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous puppies Chris. They'll keep you busy.

  11. No pressure Steve and Bex 😉 2 new puppies won't life be busier now.

  12. I bet you're glad Keeera ands Marley are back! Stew looking at fabric.... You've really softened him up! When you see me looking at fabric, put me out of my misery! :-)

  13. Two puppies!! What fun!

  14. How cute!
    Now all the trouble begins. (smiles)


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