Thursday, October 05, 2017


So I've been working on my latest quilt... and am at the 'what now' phase.

I want this quilt for a queen size bed.
It is almost long enough...but no where near wide enough:

ABOVE:  I absolutely LOVE it just the way it is... but it needs to be wider.
What should I do???

I am wondering if I could make some bigger blocks for the sides and end?  Then add another border to finish it off?   I just don't know.  I have no more of the inner blocks with the patterns on them. 

I have SOME of the dark blue/light blue/red and cream fabrics, quite a bit of the cream with tiny anchors fabric, and some of the brighter blue border fabric too.

Gimme ideas!

While you ponder that... I will do the washing, make me bed, bla bla bla.  Just the usual shit.

Oh and I might even get the pesky teenagers out of bed BEFORE 11 am!  I'm sure I can get them onto the end of a vacum and duster.


So... I'm going into Hamilton to get more of the blue fabric, so I can add onto the quilt.  I think I will make largish cream blocks to add to the width, put something like anchors/ships wheels in the middle of them? 

I know where I've gone wrong with this quilt now... I should have made the center 5 X 5 wide, not 4 X 6, then the proportions would have worked better on the bed.  Too late now, there is no way I'm unpicking that much!

Yet again, Brylee is coming with me while Griffin stays home.  He has no interest in fabric shopping.  Funny that.

Well we got more of the brighter blue fabric, did  a bit of grocery shopping for dinner tonight, then came home.

Griffin had done some vacuming... Yaaa!

It's been a quiet afternoon really, been thinking of what to do with the quilt.  Came to a couple of ideas ... if I get some work done on it I can show you tomorrow what I came up with.

For now... it's sort out dinner, then get ready for a 7 pm walk.  I haven't been on a walk in a week!  My motivation went right out the window when I hurt my back.

It's the weirdest thing,  I pulled a muscle in my BACK, but the pain has slowly radiated up to my shoulder, and then DOWN my arm?  Today my upper arm and HAND is hurting more than my back!  WTF is up with that?   I didn't hurt my hand!  WEIRD.

Tonight's walk was lovely, I really enjoyed it.  Totally missed walking... a week is a long time!
I'm going to try not to have such a big gap between walks again.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How about a plain border on each side...lighter blue and navy, like two fat stripes of each?

  2. I would make a wide border with the cream print and use the dark blue as binding. It looks beautiful. I need to finish a couple of tops and get them ready for quilting. I keep getting distracted by the paper foundation piecing I am just getting into.

  3. This looks great Chris. I agree with bin that a wide cream border may work with maybe a thin blue border first.

  4. Noooo Ma, juat leave it as it is, if it's not working for you as a quilt for a bed, use it on something else xx

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I have to agree with @lacyharvey. Maybe it could work for a twin size bed, a wall hanging or a sofa quilt? It really is beautiful just the way it is.

  6. I say plain cream and thin blue border might end up too busy? At least griffin is at home at that age he could be doing much worse things he is polite funny respectful good looking all positives ..... He doesn't smoke or drink yet... Another positive

  7. Pain like that which moves around and doesn't come from a specific accident or trauma etc, I sometimes think is just stress related.... Our bodies are smart - when our brain hurts, actual pain is manifested in the body, to distract from the original "pain" which is mental. I know that sounds mad, but I do think it's true. Christy x

  8. Although it's a pain to go to the Dr's you might want to have it looked at. Take care.


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