Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today I have one of the ladies I've met through Cambridge Patchwork coming for morning tea!

I'm starting to feel like a Social Butterfly!  Seriously... I've never had so much on in my days!

Walking. Patchwork. Weight Watchers. Card evenings. Visitors!

Jenny is a real darling, she's easily in her 80's, but just so lovely.  And lively.  And we can yabber on for ages, no problem at all.

She said she's keen to see the puppies too... so that shall be nice.

After she's been, I shall be getting on with my Nautical quilt.  I didn't get to it at all yesterday, ran out of time!
So, apart from Jenny visiting, my day is free.

Which will be nice actually, I have been rather busy lately!

Last night I caused a little bit of a shit storm on the FBG page... offended some I'm sure.  But someone had to say what a lot were thinking... So I did.  Whoops. I ended up going to bed feeling a bit stink.   Still feel kinda flat about it.
But... moving on and hopefully it will blow over, it usually does.

Trying to be positive ... that staying in the group is actually worth it.


So thankful... the backlash has not happened as I expected on the group's facebook page.  Time will tell if I feel any 'cooling' on the walks.

Moving on.  My dear friend Jenny arrived for morning tea and we had a lovely visit.
She's such a love.

The pups are spending more and more time outside, coming and going through the dog door all on their own.  So happy about that.

Now... the rest of the day is mine... so I'm going to have some lunch then cut out those anchors.

Didn't do the anchors!  Went up to the school to watch Keera have her first swim at school.  

ABOVE:  I say 'swim'... but in reality the kids get in the shallow end, blow bubbles for 10 minutes, splash for 5 minutes then get out. There was a very cool wind this afternoon, but at least the pool is heated to 28 degrees!

The littlies still got cold.  Then we couldn't find Keera's school shirt for a while, so typical of her... just drops her stuff everywhere.

It does my head in constantly having to look for her clothes, shoes, socks etc.

So, I took her up to the Warehouse to get some summer school sandals after school, and swimming goggles.

ABOVE:  *shudder* Roman Sandals!   But it's what most of the kids are wearing.

ABOVE:  "Grandma!  Take a picture!"
She wanted to keep the goggles on all afternoon... but NO.  She does still have the sandals on though.  lol

Dinner tonight was roast chicken and veges... standard fare.
Finally cut out the anchors for the quilt, and cut off the sleeves of Keera's school shirt so it's now got short sleeves for summer!

No way am I buying a shirt that she's only going to wear for a few weeks.  All going well she will be starting next year in a new school with Dante.  


  1. Surely the whole point of the FBG Facebook group is so you can all interact & have opinions without all the drama. I am sure it will all blow over :-).

    Enjoy your morning tea.

  2. Sounds like you really are a Social Butterfly-great to hear. hopefully there will be no backlash.

  3. Hi Chris,
    One of the many things that I admire in you is your ability to speak your mind when things aren't right. Its such a diffiuclt thing to do and you should be really proud of yourself that you can do it. I am sure that whatever it was that you discussed at the FBG group, others were thinking the same thing. Well done!\
    Love Karen

    1. Thanks Karen. Yes lots were thinking the exact same thing about a certain situation, but not saying anything. I decided to put it on the page so it could be dealt with openly and thankfully it has been. I hate it when things fester and no one does anything about it. My fat mouth can get me in trouble sometimes, but I usually have the best of intentions. *smiles*

  4. Oh gosh kido you are just a bit gorgeous xx

  5. I remember wearing Roman sandles to school back in the '70's!

  6. So pleased nothing came out of the group you don't need extra drama..... Gosh Keera is getting taller by the minute you will miss her I'm sure .

  7. Hahaha! I had Roman sandals when I was young. Somewhere in the dark distant 70s! I still think of Keera as a babe in arms. Time sure is getting away!


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