Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It's not that freakin' warm outside first thing in the bloody morning!

I am usually tucked up in me bed at this time of the day... instead, I'm wrapped up in me dressing gown (which is towelling, so not that warm), watching puppies run around after being cooped up all night in their pen.

Brrrrr.  We have had a really cold wind the past few days, it's got a real frosty bite to it.  I was going to chop the sleeves off Keera's winter school shirt and make it short sleeved, but I think I'll leave them long for a bit longer!

Once the kids are at school I plan on working on my blue quilt... I would love to get the top part done in the next few days.
Then I have to decide if I will try and quilt it myself, or get a professional to do it for me.

It's going to be a BIG quilt, so maybe a bit too big for my domestic machine.

Now I know I am going to drive you all nuts with puppy photos, but hell... it's what I do!

 ABOVE:  Darling Marley with her little black spot.

ABOVE:  Marley trying to eat Griffin's phone.

ABOVE:  Denim hanging onto Coco's tail for dear life!  She would not let go, no matter what Coco did.  She got dragged around the room.  Coco hates having her tail pulled, but she did not hurt Denim at all!

Denim is a real live wire... it's hard to get a good photo of her, she's always MOVING!  But at some point I will get some I'm sure  *smiles*

And that is me for now... I hope to show you progress photos of the quilt later on today.


 ABOVE:  How cool is this?  I can work in my sewing room AND keep an eye on the pups outside at the same time!

ABOVE:  The quilt is coming along nicely... thank goodness for my kitchen bench, it's just perfect for laying out quilts.  Even the bar stools come in handy. *smiles*

OOOO I spot a big mistake!  Taking a photo certainly show them up.  I've laid out those side blocks in the 'wrong' pattern if you compare them to the top and bottom rows.  Better fix that pronto.

So happy!  I got the bulk of the blue nautical quilt top done!  I have to make 4 corner blocks, I will do them tomorrow.  Then I think it might be done except for the backing/quilting and binding.  Not much then!  lol

I'm off for a walk shortly, leaving the kids at home.  Stew will be home in time to feed them dinner, which will be takeaways as I can't be arsed cooking!
I've been busy all day and I'm tired... and it's HOT now.  Cooking?  Yeah... Nah.

Tonight's walk was neat... great company and conversations.  I got a bit hot ... 6 pm start and it was really warm out there.  Wish it wasn't heading into summer, I am going to be walking at 8 pm soon, just to avoid the heat.

Winding down for the evening... got to get the puppies outside again soon too.


  1. Isn't weather funny ? Yesterday we were expecting 26,after a high of 19, but got to 32. Today we are expecting 26 with 90% chance of 10-20mm of rain. Could be an interesting day. Oh and the fan that we have running overnight died last night, it may be time to get those ceiling fans that have been in the Shed for 5 years installed.

  2. You sound so happy. Lovely to see. And ceiling fans are the best. I have one going all year round in the bedroom as I like the feel of air movement.

  3. I just came from a house with a ceiling fan very handy.... Taupo was nippy this morning had a wee sunbathe today though,,,,,

  4. Somehow, I missed where you were getting two puppies! I thought it was just Marley! They are cute :)

  5. When I first read the title of your post, I thought it said Spewing Puppies!
    It cannot stay cold there much longer...
    You certainly seem have an insdustrial setup fo quiting!


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