Wednesday, October 04, 2017


He's resisted for YEARS.... but he's finally caved in and joined....  


 ABOVE:  Ha ha, another two finger typist.  I'm NOT... I am a 'proper' typist.  lol

ABOVE:  Learning the in's and out's of Facebook... it's going to take time!  But he's getting there.

Yep, Stew did it. Why?

Because he was told there was a Facebook group of Fairfield College people from his years there,  who were organising a Reunion.  So, he's joined so he can keep up to date with the Reunion news, and to FINALLY connect up with some old friends of his.

He's not going to be an avid Facebooker I'm sure... he simply does not have the time or inclination.   It would take him away from his beloved wife sports.

So... today?  

Simple ... and boring for you!  I shall be sewing.

I will also try and get a Dr's appointment, I'm totally over this sore back/shoulder and arm.
It started out as a pulled muscle in my back, but now the pain is all over... my upper left back, left shoulder and radiating down my left arm.  Constant throbbing pain.  Grrrrr.  

See ya later...


OH... here's something that's been pissing me off majorly:

The election.  Who the fuck thinks MMP sucks ?
How can all of the POWER go to a minority party?  What the hell is RIGHT about that?
It totally does my head in.  I was 'sold' on MMP when it was first pitched to our country, but now?  

I want it GONE.  Totally let's go back to First Past The Post!

If you don't agree, that's fine.   We are all entitled to our own opinions.

I don't usually post about politics/religion and so on... but I am so over fucking Winston Peters lording it over the country, like he's THE BOSS.  Can't stand the fact that he's got all the power.


12.49 pm: the day is going as planned.  Except I didn't make a Dr's appointment.  I THINK my back/shoulder/arm is slightly better today after using it for a while?  And I hate having to spend good money on being told there is really nothing they can do for it.  So, grin and bear it a bit longer and hope it comes right.

Griffin is OUTSIDE !!!!!  Shock Horror!  He's planting potatoes for me.  Badly, but still... he's doing something outside.

Brylee and I are making ourselves lunch.  I love that it's 'Get Ya Own' in the holidays.  *smiles*

This afternoon my soreness has been 50 % better... see... if I'd gone to the Dr and got pills I would have thought it was them making me feel better!
Rather glad I decided to give it another day... saved myself some $'s.

We are having chicken pie for dinner.   Using left over chicken from last night. I just de-boned the chicken, so it's gunna be an easy to do dinner tonight.

ABOVE:  Yep ... they were as yum as they look.

I put hash browns in the bottom too... nice addition.

Winding down for the day... will probably just watch some TV and yak to the man.  As ya do.


  1. I will trade whoever you have for Donald Fing Trump.

    1. Yeah Nah, you can keep your megalomaniac! No way we want him here. Actually, I don't want him anywhere, he's crazy.

  2. Maria8:04 AM

    Agree with you re MMP. I thought the major parties would have to work together, not a small party have all the power, when we were SOLD it. Winston is looking more Trump like every day.

  3. Haha, bjn, you can keep Trump!!! I agree regarding Winston Peters, it's the tail wagging the dog. No one said MMP would be like this - I like that other parties can now get into Parliament but not if it means there is no government!

  4. Have you ever tried planting potatoes in a plastic washing basket? That's how we used to do it! No need to dig them out, wait for them to sprout out the holes in the basket then upend it and there are your potatoes!

  5. I use tyres for potatoes easy peasy japanesy

  6. Keep looking after your shoulder, do some gentle movement but no lifting & rest it frequently. If you have anti flame or deep heat, use that at night with some oanadol so you hopefully get some sleep because sore AND tired is worse than just sore.

  7. Got local elections here too...qnd they driving me insane!! Hate politics!!

  8. Haha, on my Facebook page a new suggested friend just popped up - your Stew!! Too funny :)

    1. don't be offended if he doesn't 'friend' you! He's only on there to keep up to date with his college reunion!

    2. Oh I won't friend him - it's just funny that it came up on my feed... I'm not Facebook friends with you or any of your family etc. Odd that they'd make that connection.

  9. Hope things continue to improve with your shoulder. Take care.

  10. Wow so relieved for you. Though I did go to the dr this week and found out I have bad hay fever! First time ever. So much better with pills etc. Hope Stew got a Certificate like I did when I fìnally started Facebook lol

  11. Wow so relieved for you. Though I did go to the dr this week and found out I have bad hay fever! First time ever. So much better with pills etc. Hope Stew got a Certificate like I did when I fìnally started Facebook lol

  12. Well you could have Trump for your president :( Guy makes us look stupid non stop. The pie looks delicious!

    1. Totally can't believe MILLIONS of Americans voted that idiot into power! You are right, he is an embarrassment to the entire country.


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