Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I have a sort of full day today.

First up, I have a chick coming for morning tea, she's one of the first Fat Bottomed Girls to contact me when I joined the group.
AND she has lead MANY, MANY walks.
In fact, I reckon she has walked more than any other member!  Probably every section at least 2-4 times, if not more.

Whenever a walk needs more numbers, Gwen jumps on board to make up the numbers if she can.  She's amazing.   A really generous person with her time and friendship.

I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her, without having to walk and talk!  *smiles*  It might feel weird even!

ABOVE: Next up for the day, Coco (aka sheep) is off to the groomers after lunch.
While there, I will be booking her in for her next groom AND Marley.
It's hard getting an appointment off the cuff, so booking ahead seems like a good idea.

Hopefully the groomer is good with puppies, cos Marley will need a groom coming into summer.  She will be groomed in a couple of months all going well.

After that, home to sort out dinner.  AND then... another walk!  I am determined to keep my walking at a minimum of 3 a week.  I am probably going to start getting on our cross trainer too... to mix up my exercise routine.  I think my body has gotten used to all the walking, and is now plateauing.

So... let's see if that helps.

Since moving to Cambridge I have joined: 

- Weight Watchers, Cambridge and Hamilton
- Patchwork Groups, Cambridge and Hamilton 
- The Fat Bottomed Girls, walking group
- Fat Bottoms At The Flicks (movie night group) 

and last night... another group called Cambridge Connections!

From what I can tell, Cambridge Connections is a group that do card nights, pudding nights and so on.  A social group.  I am going to my first group meeting on the 24th, being held at someone's home, to play cards. I'm quite excited about it!  I was opted into this group by one of the Fat Bottomed Girls.  'Connections' is right!

I can't believe how 'social' my life has gotten lately!  Talk about becoming integrated into our new community, I'm doing it in spades!

So, so different from how it was in Auckland.

Now I just have to try and get Stew into a few things too.

Right, that's me for now.... 


12.45 PM:   and my girlfriend Gwen left half an hour ago, after a lovely visit.
She's just the nicest person!  We chatted for over two hours... well I yakked me head off and she got a word in now and then!  Still... I did get to know her better, which the neat.

I totally forgot to take a photo, so I've grabbed a few of her off our walk photos:

ABOVE:  Gwen... loves bright pink!  It's the first thing I noticed about her... she almost always has something bright pink on her.  Today?  All. In. Black.!  
Rather funny.  

So, now it's almost time to take Coco to the groomer.  While she's there I'm going to the Warehouse to get some new laundry baskets, I'm down to 1 that isn't broken.  I used to have heaps of them!

So cool... Coco is at the groomers, I got some new laundry baskets, lunch is done, dinner is planned ... it's a good day so far!
AND the groomer is going to give me a discount for more than one dog at our next groom!  How cool is that?   She's already $12 cheaper than Animates.  WIN WIN.

Puppy is booked in for  a 'mini' groom at the end of the month, that should be fun for 'E', the groomer!  *smiles*  edit:   realised puppy would not be fully vaccinated at the end of the month, so changed her appointment to mid-November. Can't be too careful!

Coco looks gorgeous, she's skuttled off to Griffin's room to sleep.  It's tiring and scary being groomed.  

7 pm:  Brylee, Coco and I went on another FBG walk.  Nice evening for it, quite cool.  We were lucky it didn't rain, as it had been on/off all day. Not that I mind getting wet! But some of the girls don't like it at all.

Winding down for the day... ready for bed.


  1. Enjoy your day 😀

    1. All sounds great Chris! And Tracy, thanks again for your comments on my blog. I loved the story about your son LOLOLOLOL xx Christy

    2. You are most welcome :-)

  2. You'll be a proper social butterfly when Keera is living with Bex and Steve and you don't have to care for a little one! Good on you, Chris.

  3. So glad to see you settling in so well and and making friends. Sounds like Cambridge is a warm welcoming place.

  4. What a great day you've had. Excellent you love blue your friend loves pink that's funny!

  5. Where is the "after" picture of beautiful Coco?
    I was wondering if Coco got to go on FBG walks. Does she go often?

  6. Sounds as though you are getting well acquainted in your community. Enjoy.


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