Monday, October 09, 2017


I spent ages yesterday afternoon working on borders for my latest quilt.

Laying out possible options.
And getting all hot and sweaty.

Then, I finally settled on a good option.

But there was still something wrong with it.  The proportions were all wrong... it was going to be too long compared to the width.
So, I got out the blasted unpicker AGAIN.
And took one row of the inner blocks off.

So, now the main 'inner section' is shorter, and will actually sit in the middle of the bed as it should.

ABOVE:  Not finished, not stitched, just a 'mock up' of how it will be... on the left.
I might be adding a little 'something' to each of the 'blank' blocks in the middle too.  

Rather lucky I had some cream 'nautical' fabric in my stash that would work for the new, wider border eh?  Rather chuffed about that.

Working that out took me a good 3 hours!  Nuts.
But so worth it... it wasn't going to end up back in the wardrobe as a UFO again!  Determined to get it finished.

We were expecting Bex and the kids to arrive back this week, but now, as we are going up to Auckland on Saturday to pick up Marley, they have said they will keep Miss Muppet till then.
So, Keera will have a lovely 2 week long holiday with her Aunty and Uncle, Dante and Archer.

This is cool as it means I can get out on a couple more walks without worrying about Brylee having to look after Keera for me.

In fact, I shall be going on another walk at 9 am this morning!  Back into it after having a minor melt down last week, thanks to being in pain from my back/shoulder etc.   I still have pain, but it IS getting better.  Chin up... soldier on.  FUN!


Walk was awesome... again.
The day looked like it was going to be clear and hot, but luckily for me, it became overcast and a bit cooler by the time we set off for our walk.  So, I was just fine.
I can't do walking in hot weather!

I've added a 'thing' to my sidebar... it shows how many Kilometers I have walked every month, since I joined The Fat bottomed Girls.
The numbers are good me for!  

Now... I'm off to do some sewing.

I got some sewing done, not nearly as much as I would have liked, but well... I had to cook dinner too.

Which was mince/bacon and tomato stew and mashed spuds.  Was bloody nice.

Having a nice quiet evening... as per usual really!

Tomorrow is going to be an EXCELLENT DAY!


  1. Enjoy you walk. Sounds like Keera is loving her time in Auckland, bodes well for the future πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€

    1. It does indeed... she is going to fit in like she belongs there. She's already calling them Mum and Dad half the time, so cute.

  2. The quilt looks nice, I'm assumung that there will be anoher row of the white squares on the other side.

    1. Yes Mark... other side, and top and bottom.

  3. Wow, your walking distance is very impressive!! No wonder you are losing weight, way to go!!!!

  4. Those walking star are fantastic, good on you for keeping at it :-). Also a great way to get to know other people in your area.

  5. Your posts are much more cheerful now that you are 'up' Chris.

    1. Funny that eh? lol

    2. Just a bit lol but I had noticed that you werent yourself over the last few weeks

  6. The quilt looks fab well done on the walking now that I HAVE HAD to shift again and settled in I will start walking swimming and using my powerfit we have my nephew wedding November 2018 Rarotonga so need to be bikini ready!!!! Am aiming for 20kg loss.


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