Monday, October 16, 2017


We let the puppies out on the back lawn after lunch yesterday.
It went so well!

They loved racing around like mad things, and Coco?
She was like a totally different dog!  So animated.
She played with the pups, she was just so happy!

And she was really careful around them too... even though she did bowl them over a couple of times.  On a whole, she was really gentle with them.

She hasn't gotten cross with them AT ALL either.  So happy about that.

ABOVE:  I sat on the swing with Keera, scared the thing would snap and I'd end up on the ground... but it didn't!  

I must move some seating into a shady area of the back yard... it's getting hot out there.

ABOVE:  1st time outside here... and they loved it.  They got exhausted rather fast though, and had a massive sleep aferwards.

Today all three kids go back to school... and the best thing?
Stew has today off... so it's just him, me and the dogs home till 3 pm.

I think we will be enjoying that very much.


I've re-arranged the two sewing rooms/Keera's room so it works better... I had too much in my 'main' sewing room and it got to the point where I couldn't even turn around without having to move my chair.

That wasn't the idea when I moved from the cramped front bedroom into TWO rooms!  So it's sorted better now.

Only about 3 more months then Keera will be with Steve and Bex, and I really will have two rooms of my own to do my sewing/crafts in.

I have come to the conclusion that when you have options within your home, it just means you can move shit more often!  OMG,  I move shit so much I even do my own head in!  lol

PUPPY SHIT... puppies just got moved to the garage!  

Works well... I let them out of their pen and they can go straight outside to the dog run.  Tried it this morning and it looks like they can't get out of the run either... but I'm not going to leave them out there on their own at this stage.  They are far too little.  And cute.  And stinky.

So... my car is outside AGAIN.  lol

What an awesome, lovely day!
Once the kids were at school Stew and I went into Hamilton and did  a little shopping.

OK.. clarifying that... I did some shopping.  Stew was the 'bag boy'.  lol

I got a few new tights for summer, which I desperately needed to do, most of my existing ones are too big, or worn through.

I also got this:

ABOVE:  a new handbag (back pack style).  My old one, on the left, was literally falling to pieces.  Timing was on our side again, 25% off!  So saved a good amount of money.

After shopping, we had a lovely lunch together, then came home.

I had just taken the puppies outside when a dear friend from Hamilton popped in to visit and see the puppies.

ABOVE:  Sue # 2!  She loves animals, and she loved our Coco and puppies.

We are going to be in Kinloc for most of next Sunday at the market/craft fair and Sue is going to puppy sit for us!  How awesome is that!
I don't have to worry about the babies at all now... it had been worrying me thinking of leaving them home alone for so long.  Now... problem solved.


It's the end of the day and we are finally winding down.  Another nice day tomorrow I hope.


  1. Awww they're so sweet!

  2. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Oh my goodness!! your puppies are just so cute! Coco going nuts was hillarious!! Our Trix does the same thing :-) The kids are adorable with the puppies esp Kiera :-) :-) :-)

  3. Oh man puppies goodness 😂😂 and keera your so cute. And so proud you got new words at school. Well done sweets. Xx

  4. You are coming to kinloch as in Taupo kinloch oh yay.... I'm in night shift the whole labour weekend and at moto X fundraising for karate Samuel old club....

  5. Lovely puppy photos.
    I'm glad that you and Stew had some 'couple time.
    Is Sue2 ok? Her blog is very quiet

  6. Congratulations on the new additions. Have loads of fun getting to know each other.

  7. Coco is so good with the puppies


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