Monday, October 23, 2017


Stew and I are heading off to Raglan to pick up our brazier first thing this morning.

I am rather excited... I've wanted a unique brazier forever... and to actually be getting one is so cool.

I do have a photo of it that the shop sent me, but I will wait to post a photo once we are home and it's on OUR patio.  *smiles*

Yesterday I forgot to show you the two little things be did buy at the Kinloch Craft Market, so this is what we got:

ABOVE:  Keera happily held them... a funky cane basket ($10!) and a fire 'poker'... for the brazier ... of course!  

ABOVE:  There were three different poker 'heads' to choose from... so difficult when there's a choice!  But I settled on this one cos I liked it the most.

The kids are not coming with us to Raglan, as we need the room for the brazier in the back!  So, a couple of hours for just the man and me... NICE.

I had planned on going on the FINAL FBG's walk today, but I may run out of time.  If that happens, I will attend a get together with a group of the girls who are not doing the walk instead.

Right... off to get our day started.


12.28 pm:  and home from Raglan with the brazier.  Just waiting for the guys to get it out of the car, then I can take a photo and show you it.

Need to source some firewood now!

It's pissing down with rain, has been most of the day so far.  The BIG walk was postponed, most of the FBG's seem to melt in the rain, whereas I melt in the sun!  
So it's on again tomorrow morning, and I may or may not go, it would mean missing my patchwork class, and I'm not sure I want to do that as it's only a short term for this class.  (7 tuesdays). 

I'm cold and crabby now... Griffin ate the last of me birthday cake and I was so looking forward to it too!  Little shit.

ABOVE:  And there it is.  It's a bit smaller than it looked in the shop's photo, but still a nice size.  I love it because it's unique, there won't be another one exactly the same,  as they are hand made here in New Zealand by one guy,and NOT mass produced at all.

Stew reckons it weighs about 40 - 50 kilos!  It certainly takes two blokes to lift and move it any distance.

I can't wait to use it!

I just spent a really pleasant couple of hours with a group of us Fat Bottomed Girls, chatting and making plans for our end of year 'Active Wear Video'.  It will be OUR version of the Active Wear advertisement on TV.  Should be lots of fun, and a rather special memento of our group ... so far.  Marley and Denim have 'parts' already!  lol

Cooking dinner now... which will be beef/bacon pastry wraps ... or something like that!

Dinner was, at best, average tonight.  Now watching Dr Foster series 2, so interesting.


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Bags of firewood are cheap at he supermarket at the moment.Ya should get some metal sticks to toast marshmallows!

  2. Cool like a fire pit. I looked up the word and it said BBQ lol

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Stunning pics from your day away down at Kinloch etc amazing photography and what a neat lifestyle block at your cousins place. Love all the animal pics..
    The Brazier is FANTASTIC you guys chose well and being a one off kudos to the maker..
    Looks fabulous already despite the rain.

    Love your energy and lovely home and surroundings Griffin ,Brylee Keera and all have a lovely home there with you 2 and lots of adventures to put in their memories as they grow

  4. Wow that's s funky brazier, so cool. It's so cool to see your travels.

  5. Love the fire pit. I want one but not sure what you actually do with it! Sit around it? Cook on it? Looking forward to seeing photos of what you do with yours.

  6. How sweet of Griffin to think of your "benefit"! ~smile~ I sure wish you were just over my fence - I would share my wood with you. But that's a long way - "Even as the Crow Flies"! lol

  7. Guess what? I know the guy that made your Brazier!!! They are so wicked and yes they weigh a bloody tonne!! Looks brilliant.


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