Sunday, October 08, 2017


Well... either I'm still in bed.... or I have gone out for a walk with the Fat Bottomed Girls.

You ain't gunna know till later...

And, we have no plans for the day yet.


AND.... very happy to say I went for a walk... in the rain.  And it was wonderful.  Lovely bunch of ladies for company... and a few of us went and had morning tea afterwards too.  So nice to wind down having a yak with girlfriends.

ABOVE:  Walk photo from this morning.... cos seriously, I ain't got any other photo to post yet!
My t-shirt is starting to look a bit big for me!

Now... cold.  Off to have a nice warm shower and think about what to do with the rest of the day. 

 ABOVE:  Fell in love with this super cute cabin at the Home Show.  Griffin thought it would be ideal for him... but at around $22,000 (with lining/power etc), it's staying where it is!

ABOVE:  I also loved these light shades, very optical illusion effect, as they were not even thick glass!  As we have NO lights in the house that can even take a shade... they stayed there too.

As it's now after 1 pm in the day, it looks like it's going to be a lazy, do bugger all type of day.
And that is just fine by everyone by the sound of it.

Well... it's been a productive afternoon for me.  I finally got the quilt border(s) worked out!
Now I have quite a bit of sewing ahead.

Not much else to report on... dinner was super easy, sausages and chips!
It was Stew's turn to cook... and it was obvious he wasn't too keen on doing much.  Fair enough, the poor man works hard all week.

Winding down... watching mindless TV, then bed a bit later.


  1. Good I you for going on the walk. I watched the end of the rugby & the beginning of Bathurst and am still on my pjs.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tracy... was starting to think no one was reading today! I can't imagine still being in my pjs in the afternoon! Bet it feels nice though.

    2. Update: 7.32 and still in my pjs 🤣. Have done washing & making lasagne so not totally wasted day 👍🏼

  2. Well done on heading out on the walk ... your top is definitely looking a lot looser - so the walking is obviously working for you :) A cold, wet day here in Christchurch today too.

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Have seen a few of the wee mini homes and think they are a gr8 starter home for some.. Love the fact you still did your walk on a wet day .. Nice to know its not off putting now you have your goal

    Well done you ,,,Over 40,,, fitness even a small amount can only be good I rekkin lol Enjoy some R&R this afty with Stew,,you surely deserve it .
    Not long now and long summer days will be there, for you all to enjoy.

  4. Good on you getting out walking....
    I missing my jabberwalk holidays end this weekend so we can get back to normal.


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