Friday, October 13, 2017


Should be a nice day.

Stew has taken today and Monday off work, so he's having a long weekend.

Though, he does have to go into work first thing this morning unexpectedly.  But all going well he will be back fairly quickly.

Then, he's got his yearly diabetes/health check up at the Drs, before the rest of the day is ours.

We will probably end up at the mall in Hamilton.
Griffin needs a haircut, and I need to do a couple of jobs too.

If there's a good movie on in the afternoon, Stew and the kids will probably end up there.  I'm not bothered, unless it's something I am interested in.

ONE. MORE. SLEEP.  Then we go to Auckland and bring Keera home, and Marley too!
Keera has had a fantastic time with her family up in Auckland, I bet she cries when we put her in the car to come home!

I got the cold shoulder from her for hours last time we brought her back home, after her holiday with Steve and Bex!

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day...


*sniff*   I just talked to Keera. She doesn't want to come home!  Knew it would happen.  She wants to stay with her brothers and Aunty and Uncle.  *sniff* 

Well Miss Muppet, you have to come home!  You still live HERE.... till the end of the year at least!

Stew is at the Dr's, the kids are showering, getting ready to head off to Hamilton.  I've put me face on... AND EYEBROWS for the 2nd time EVER!

I got an eyebrow pencil and drew me brows on... cos my own are like thin lines, over plucked way back when I was a teenager.  They never grew again!  So, it looks weird to me, but the family says they look OK, so I will go with that.

I will take a photo at some point... cos well... I just know ya all wanna see me brows!  lol

3.30 pm:  And we are home from a nice outing.  Both kids got a haircut, we met and had lunch with Kelly and Rena, got a new dog bed for the puppy (and Coco)... and now are home again.

ABOVE:  Griffin and Coco trying out the new soft bed.  I think it might just be a bit big!  But there will be plenty of room for them, no arguing over space.

Feeling a bit blah and tired now, so is Stew.  I've got another walk at 6.30 so I hope I perk up for that.

ABOVE: I perked up! The walk was really good... not hot.... steady drizzle too. Perfect for me.

That makes 4 walks this week for me... so I'm really happy with myself.

End of a lovely day.  Off to bed shortly.  Then tomorrow... off to Auckland.


  1. Have a nice day Chris.

  2. Enjoy your day and your exciting weekend. How long before Keera's big move? Will then be coming to Cambridge/Hamilton or will she be living in Auckland?

    1. Keera will be moving in with Steve and Bex sometime over this summer, but definitely before school starts again after the summer holidays. (School starts in February)

    2. Such a wonderful result for everyone. Your family makes my heart sing!

  3. Awww....Keera will be okay when she finally gets home.
    My eyebrows are real thin too~

  4. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. That's so lovely that Keera feels at home with Bex and Steve!! Regarding eyebrows? I never leave the house without mine, like you I have hardly any but not from overplucking - it's just a family thing my sisters are the same.

  6. Looks like u in for a wet day tomorrow safe travels xxx good to hear miss muppet has had a good time away.

  7. You have done so well keeping up with your should be very proud of yourself.

  8. Have a great weekend. Happy travels. Good luck getting everyone settled.

  9. That's so awesome Keera clearly can't wait. Like me can't wait to see puppy photos.


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