Saturday, October 07, 2017


The highlight of today is....

Stew and I BOTH get to sleep in!

Yep.  First time in MONTHS.  

Once we do get up we will be checking out what is on at the movies.  If there is something that appeals to everyone we shall probably go in later on today.

As I mentioned last night, we went out to dinner last night, something we hardly ever do.
I asked on Facebook if anyone knew of a good place to go here in Cambridge, and we were told to try out the Alpha Street Kitchen and Bar.

It was AMAZING.  The food was expensive, but incredibly worth it.

ABOVE:  A very understated restaurant, but gorgeous food!  And a screen made with plants, stunning.

ABOVE:  Not such good photos, but food to die for.  Stew and I both had duck, Griffin had pork and Brylee had fish.  

EVERYONE loved their meal, though Griffin literally inhaled, then wanted more! 

We came home for dessert.

Right, that's me for now, I'm off to get some housework done.


So, we slept in till.... 9.45!  Amazing.  So weird too.

Now... we have decided to go to the Home Show in Hamilton.
I told Stew there was no way Griffin would want to come.... he would opt to stay home on his Play Station.

So Stew went into Griffin's room and told him we were going to the Home Show, did he want to come?

Griffin said "What is it?"

Stew said "Lots of stuff... AND FOOD"


4.08 pm:  Hamilton Home Show.  Overpriced Entry fee.  Not too crowded, but still enough to drive you mental in the halls. Food:  Good selection.
Griffin was happy.
I enjoyed the 'Craft and Outdoor' areas the most.

We wandered (cos ya couldn't go fast) through the crowds, saw a few interesting things, but really nothing we hadn't seen before.

We ended up buying something we could have got from the Tamahere Market (with no entry fee):

 ABOVE:  Another wooden garden art thingee.  Called 'Dandelion'.  It's now got to find a home out in the garden. 

Martyn... come on, where shall I put it?  lol

ABOVE:  We also got this cool anchor bottle opener... it will go on a post out the back... one of the pergola posts that is.  Once it's built!
That is this summer's project.  A pergola out the back, to cover the BBQ and table.

Steve is going to build it for us of course.  Gosh it's so handy having a son who's a builder!

So, although the Home Show was a bit expensive, and kinda seen it all before-ish, I think it was still nice to get out as a family.

While in Hamilton, we swung by Animates and got these:

 ABOVE: Definitely going to need these in a week!
Bloody expensive, but got them on sale.  I will be using newspaper too... but I don't actually have much paper.  We don't get a daily newspaper.

ABOVE:  A sweet little collar for Marley, and her name tag.  My phone number is on the back, in the unlikely event she goes missing!

 ABOVE: My little blue tree is finally flowering.  It's gorgeous!

ABOVE:  And the ground cover blues are going nuts!  So, so pretty!   Once they stop flowering I shall be having a go at propagating them and getting more areas covered in this plant.  No idea what it's called.  I should ask at Amber Nursery, they will know.

So, it's been a nice day thus far.  Stew is now in the lounge watching..... SPORT.  Griffin and Brylee are in their rooms playing on Play Stations, and me?  About to wander in the garden trying to find the perfect place for the new garden art.

End of the Day and it's a lovely quiet evening.  Watching Coronation Street then heading off to bed.  Might go for a walk in the morning... will see if I wake up in time!


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Have fun, LOL re Griffin, Stew spoke the teenage boys language!!!
    Pinky aka Lisa

  2. I like it. Lol the power of food!

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM


    My husband said your blue ground plant is called Ajuga Reptans


    1. Oh cool.. thanks Peta's hubby!

  4. Your garden is look8ng beautiful. I agree those shows are way overpriced.

  5. Your garden is look8ng beautiful. I agree those shows are way overpriced.

  6. Sounds like a nice relaxing day!


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