Monday, October 02, 2017


Happy birthday to Brylee, 17 today!  Wow the years are flying by, before we know it she will be all grown up and leaving home!

Have an awesome day BONUS daughter.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Brylee with Marley yesterday.

 ABOVE:  Griffin and Marley.

 ABOVE:  'J' with a handful of adorable puppies.

 ABOVE:  A darling little visitor to 'Js' house while we were there, she was so cute and friendly.

ABOVE:  Stew with Cuba.  She always barks at him when we arrive, then she remembers who he is and is all over him like a rash!  Rather cute.

ABOVE: Our friend Natalie and her little boy Harvey.  He's very timid, but adorable.

ABOVE:  Puppy videos!  Sorry there's three, I couldn't choose between them.

Today I'm going to be bloody lazy!  I should be going to Patchwork, but I just want to stay home and do my own thing.

I will be doing some sewing, working on that quilt from last week.  

I might pop down to the supermarket and get a birthday cake for Brylee at some stage too... must have a cake!


So Brylee and I go down to the local Countdown for a Birthday Cake.
Go to turn into the carpark and there's this guy standing there with a sign.

I thought it was some sort of advertising, till another person came up to our window and said the supermarket was closed for the time being.

Apparently a light fell from the ceiling and they had to get it fixed, and due to Health and Safety rules, they had to close the shop!

Crazy!  Everyone was going into the carpark and having to drive out again... they should have put a barrier across the entrance so at least we didn't even have to drive in and waste time.

So, we went down to the other supermarket in town... and guess what?


So we text Stew, and he will bring one home for us.

Home, eating lunch while watching last week's Home and Away before sewing.

No sewing getting done...

ABOVE:  I pulled a muscle in my upper back (left) 10 days ago.  It's not getting any better yet.  Just ongoing pain, dragging me down.  Now trying hot wheat bags.  Panadol and Voltaren have not helped either.

Our umbrella stand snapped off at the base in the wind overnight.  Dammit.  At least the umbrella seems to be OK.

ABOVE:  Red Velvet Cake, Chocolates and 17 candles, what more could you want?
Nice cake... everyone is happy.

Winding down for the day... which has been incredibly lazy!


  1. Happy birthday bry have a lovely day

  2. Happy Birthday Brylee 🎂

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Stew must be a kid magnet! So sweet that he likes kids.Happy birthday Brylee.When do the driving lessons start?

  4. Happy Birthday Brylee, have a awesome day x

  5. Happy Birthday Brylee, such a beautiful young lady!

  6. Goodness 17 happy birthday

  7. Happy Birthday to Brylee!!!

  8. Happy birthday to a beautiful hope you have a fabulous day.

  9. 17 good grief that has come around way too fast have an awesome day . Cute puppy and kidlet pics.

  10. Happy Birthday Brylee. hope you aare enjoying your day.
    Very cute puppies.

  11. Countdown must have different health and safety than pak save. I can rember the earthquakes crap falling off shelves broken shit everywhere but the checkout chicks couldn't even close there station to check family etc ok. The dec 23 one we were only supermarket open for miles so ppl where coming from everywhere busy as. Thanks for holding things together you must be joking. Not even a coffee.

  12. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Love the heat packs n pics of the puppies etc you are fab at photography ,, Love the ones of home and garden as well...and gr8 your lovely family are doing things together,, esp with The 2 teens and Keera ..

    Did you make the heat packs with kiwiana materials ?? lovely fresh look to them..

    1. No I didn't make the wheat bags, I was given them.

    2. Anonymous8:48 PM

      They are lovely,,, I admire your energy and lovely colourful sewing,, Gardens photography and family life

      Well done you and Stew bringing up another generation of happy young ones


  13. Anonymous8:57 PM


    Happy Birthday to Brylee ! yummy cake...


  14. Happy birthday gorgeous girl 🎉🎉🎉

  15. Chris, your face is starting to look slim! You have a more defined jawline and cheekbones!! Looking good!

  16. Wow 17 hasnt time flown ? I hope you had a great day Brylee

  17. Dear me 17 already! Happy Birthday Brylee. Those pups are adorable.

  18. Happy 17th Brylee! Sorry I missed it!! <3

  19. The puppies are so cute!


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