Sunday, October 15, 2017


Oh man, do I have heaps to show you!

 ABOVE:  'J', holding our two little girls.  She was so HAPPY to see two of the pups leave home!  She's totally over puppy poop!  lol
It is hard work in the last few weeks looking after them that's for sure.

 ABOVE: The very first thing to happen once we got the puppies to Bex and Steve's... BATH TIME!
Puppies fresh out of a whelping pen STINK!
And those two sure did.
So, into the bath they went.

 ABOVE:  having some food... Archer fell in love with them immediately.  Keera loved them too.
Dante was a bit more hesitant... he got a bit freaked out when they tried to chew his fingers.

 ABOVE:  Three enthralled children.

 ABOVE: We had fish 'n' chips for dinner.  Archer tried a wedge of lemon.  He declared "I don't like it".  Then ate it anyway!

 ABOVE:  As we expected, Keera cried and cried and SOBBED her heart out when it came time to leave.   She was so upset ... I felt really bad taking her!

Once we were on the road, to try and settle her down,  I started talking to her about the puppies, and how I would really need her to help me with the puppies when we got home.  And how it would be her job to feed them in the mornings... and that worked a treat!

She was much happier after that... then she fell asleep for almost the entire trip home.

The trip home was marred by one thing.  Poor Brylee got a migraine and was rather ill ... and she ended up being sick in the car.
Once home, a couple of panadol later, and she came right.

ABOVE:  Talk about PERFECT timing!  When we got the mail in last night, we had this letter from the council.

I have been approved to have all three dogs on our property.  I didn't think I would be turned down... I gave them everything they asked for, proved we were properly set up for 3 dogs and provided detailed photos of our property, the fencing, the dog run, the dog exercise area and even the dog doors!  lol

 ABOVE:  The girls.
They are pretty easy to tell apart. Marley has a full white 'collar' over her shoulders, Denim only has half a white collar.  Marley has a white patch on her forehead, Denim has only a few white hairs on her forehead.  Oh and Marley has a black patch on her tummy too.

Marley is more reserved, Denim is more exuberant. 

ABOVE:  You can easily see Marley's full white collar and Denim's half white collar in this photo.

ABOVE:  I saw these portable, collapsible dog bowls in a bookshop yesterday, so got some.  Perfect for having in the car.

 ABOVE:  I found some white Skechers at Sylvia Park... very plain, but super comfortable.

I was talking to my neighbour the other day, and she told me she had been in Huntly a few days ago, and had visited the local fabric shop there.  She said she was very impressed with the selection and had bought quite a bit of fabric.

So, of course I asked Stew to stop there on our way up to Auckland yesterday.

I was really surprised at their selection.  Lots of fabrics I had not seen before.

 ABOVE:  All of these are 1/2 metre pieces.
They had Fat Quarter and half metre pre-cuts, so I got these, a much better size than fat quarters.

 ABOVE:  TOP... A couple of 1 metre lengths, and two more half metre ones.

ABOVE: Then I spied this pretty panel.  I plan on turning it into a wall hanging for our bedroom.

ABOVE:  And look how happy Coco is with her new little sisters!

ABOVE:  Another one, this time of Coco going nuts!

So... how's that for a post, first thing in the morning too!

As for today... Stew has a College Reunion this afternoon.
I will be staying home and watching puppies!



Nope, after we saw the litter when they were all 2 weeks old I decided right there and then we were getting two.

And I even gave YOU guys a clue or two, but none of you seemed to pick up on them:


ABOVE:  The letters.  There's an 'M', 'A', 'N' and 'D'.
Then someone guessed Marley was the name (correctly) .... but what about the 'N' and 'D'?

CLUE TWO:  I told you there were TWO names!  And no one got it, or figured out that there were going to be two puppies!

So, I decided to just wait to tell you when we brought them home. 


I've been busy doing housework and mucking around in the sewing room so far this morning.

The puppies and Coco are happy as can be.  After lunch we will be putting them out on the back lawn.  It will only be their 2nd time on grass!

That should be interesting.

Playtime outside went very well.  I took a little video and more photos... but will put them on tomorrow as there is SO MUCH on here already today.

Stew is at his high school reunion, I have to pick him up later on tonight.
Brylee is at school for Drama practise.
Griffin is playing on his Playstation.
Keera is bugging the shit out of me... sticking to me like GLUE... and I'm finally sitting down for 5 minutes!

I've literally been on the go all day!

10.44 pm:  After feeding myself and the kids, I went into Hamilton to pick up my hubby from the school reunion.  By then though, he was at a mate's home... so of course once I got there I ended up staying for a yak... which was rather nice.

We eventually came home and saw the big kids off to bed... they have school in the morning.

Off to bed soon... 


  1. Awwwww they are so darned adorable X coco is so funny. Keera understandably will be upset but think of the excitement and fun coming to grandma house she clearly loves her cousins Bex and Steve and everyone in the family circle love her she is a little ray of sunshine.

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Very cute...I thought you were only getting one ?


    1. I fibbed... I wanted to surprise you all! And if you remember, when I first showed me making the puppy blanket, there was a 'D' shown... and I did say there were TWO names! NO ONE guessed that there were two puppies coming home!

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Ha Ha....too cute...


  3. They are just so cute. Coco was so funny to watch. Hope the night went ok with them. have never thought to stop at the fabric shop in Huntly but it looks like it is worth a visit.

  4. I'm gona stop in at that fabric WOOL shop aswell haha. And thank you for the lovely gift. Omg Dante and archer laughed so much at coco in the second video haha. Have a lovely day and we miss you keera xx

  5. Wait a minute! What about a boy puppy? I thought you were going to get a boy in a few more months.

    1. In the first half of next year we will be buying a boy Bichon Frise, but he will be living with ... STEVE AND BEX too! Then we will just borrow him for breeding purposes further down the track.

  6. That was exactly why I gave up trying to guess once I'd gotten Marley! I had no idea what the other letters could have been for! :) Nicely done :)

  7. I guessed !!! Well I guessed yesterday before you told us :) Will Steve and Bex be able to have a puppy at a rental? There are not many rentals that agree to this but I know there are some, our neighbours are allowed a little dog at their place. Will they be moving? Yeah, none of my business I know. It's wonderful news all around though and I think Steve and Bex will make Keera a very happy, secure little girl - it's just lovely.

    1. We will cross that/those bridges when we come to them.

    2. Hopefully as they will have a track record of being awesome tenants, they will find a place that allows a cute little dog (unless they are allowed one where they are now).

      I bet you are enjoying those puppies!!

    3. They are DELIGHTFUL.

  8. Anonymous4:58 PM

    What beautiful puppies. Coco seems to be enjoying them. Griffin looks like a nice patient lad :) My son is an animal lover, the pets miss him when he's not around.

  9. The puppies are gorgeous. You mentioned on facebook a while ago in a comment to someone that you were getting two puppies. You didn't mention it again so I didn't comment about it. Keera is such a lovely little girl and has two homes that she is happy in.


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