Thursday, October 19, 2017


So... here is what I got done yesterday:

ABOVE:  In order to get this shot I had to stand on the kitchen bench with my head banging on the ceiling!  AND I had to hold the camera up on the ceiling too... cos this quilt is really BIG!

I wanted it to fit a Queen size bed, somehow I think it's gunna fit a King sized one now.

Today I shall be making 4 blocks for those corners... thinking of appliqueing an anchor on a plain dark blue block.   And I want to add 'something' to the cream blocks in the middle too... still thinking of what that will be.

Last night's walk photo:

 ABOVE:  So funny, three of us in the exact same shoes.  This year's New Balance.  Our group Leader, Robyn C, stuck her foot in the photo cos she was wearing the same brand... and she reckoned her's should be in the photo cos they cost more!   lol

Very excited... the FINAL BIG section of the Urban Challenge has been posted, and I will be walking it on Tuesday morning.  St Kilda... a new subdivision on the east side of Cambridge, should be a nice walk.


Been thinking.  The walking group's Urban Challenge is winding down, so in order to still get my 3 walks in a week, I'm going to be walking Monday/Wednesday and Friday night's at 8 pm.  It's going to be cooler then, so doable for me.

I am going to start right at the beginning of the Sections again too... and walk them in order A-R.  I will be putting that up on our group page too, so hopefully I will get some company.  If not, I will be doing it on my own.  But I will be doing it!

SHARON: No I didn't clean the ceilings while up there!  It's a stunning day here too.

I've been outside with puppies, then working on fiddly bits with the quilt.
It's amazing how LONG it takes to just do bloody fiddly bits!

I'm now at the cut out said 'fiddly bits', then I can applique them onto their corner blocks.

I've not even started the fiddly bits for the three cream blocks in the middle yet!

I'm thinking I will wait and see how the 4 corner blocks look first.

Our son Russell is due out here shortly, he's borrowing a fishing rod from us, he must be going fishing!  lol

So Russell called in and he got a cuddle with a puppy or two.  Then a group of my walking girls walked past and stopped when they saw I was outside with the puppies, so they had a cluck too.

Then I did more sewing... making good progress on the 4 corner blocks, but they are not finished yet.  There's quite a bit of work involved in them.

Gutted with the final decision re: our new government.  Disgusted in fact.  Bet Winston screwed them for everything he could and they bent over backwards and licked his arse to get into power.  Fuck MMP.  Gives all the power to the minority.  And on that note, I will not talk about it again.

Off to bed soon, I'm so tired, you have no idea!
Stew was so restless last night, he kept me awake half the night!  I might just kill him if he does it again tonight.


  1. why not find some anchors the same and appliqué those to the "blank" squares and leave the blue ones plain? That way they'll be more visible and fill in the blank spaces maybe?

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    What neat upbuilding posts you do re the family and your progress with the walking. Great determination.
    LOVE the new wee family additions and the quilting etc
    Such a lovely colourful blog

    Roll on Summer for you guys there , but as you say the heat makes it a lot harder to walk etc so maybe just a nice moderate summer there!!

  3. Great idea of starting the walks over again. I'm sure there will be others who want to walk with you. If not there is always the dogs to take with you!

  4. The quilt looks fab did you wipe the ceiling while up there lol we have the most stunning day here.....

  5. I would love to see a photo of you taking the photo :-)

    Quilt is looking awesome, you are so talented.

  6. Quilt is looking great. Good on you for continuing the walks. Hope you get some company on them.

  7. Yeah I agree. Bad day for NZ but let's leave them to f up. Liove the quilt it is amazing and huge but so you! You are so talented.

  8. Ditto what you said about the election. Most of my facebook friends seem to be staunch Labour supporters... even my son said to me "that moment you realise your mother voted National". Oh well.

  9. And the NZ dollar had dropped already! winnie is a muppet!

    1. Yep, and watch what happens to our taxes! Those who work will get it in the neck to pay for those who don't/can't/WON'T.

    2. Marty said "Its all gone to hell in a handbag" and then he road off on his push bike. Bit dramatic is your BF. 😉

  10. All reports say it's a bad day for NZ.... :-(

    Just loving that quilt, wish I just had just a smidgen of your talent.

  11. Nice looking quilt. Have fun with those pups.

  12. Never a good choice to let the tail wag the dog!!! Lets penalize the hard workers and give it to those who don't... aaaggghhh I feel for you all will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.


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