Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Well as you can imagine, I'm a bit stiff and sore today!  Thank goodness for some strong painkillers.

I didn't sleep too well ... what with the sore bits, and Stew being away too.
I never sleep too well when Stew's not home.

Thankfully he is home later on today.

Once I've got the kids to school I'm going back into Hamilton to drop my camera off at a shop for assessment.

I spent ages yesterday looking for the receipt for the camera, but do you think I could find it?  So, I hunted through the blog and found exactly WHEN AND WHERE I got it, so that should be all I need for insurance purposes.

Yee gads... it's NOVEMBER already!  I swear the years just go faster and faster as you age!  I can remember being a kid and thinking Christmas took FOREVER to arrive.  Now it comes far too quickly for my liking.

I have decided to be an utter crap grandmother and give most of the grandkids gift vouchers for Christmas!  I have no idea what most of them already have in the way of toys/clothes etc.  Giving them a voucher means they can get exactly what they want.

The 'grown ups' will all be getting stuff I have  already accumulated/made over the year.  So I am not going to be getting stressed out and crabby over Christmas this year.  Excellent.

No one likes me when I'm crabby, so I'm doing them all a massive favor!  lol

So... clearly no photo for today's blog ... but I will endeavor to take some with my phone's camera if there's something worth capturing.


ABOVE:  The more I look at it, the more I think maybe just the lens is broken?  The camera itself looks fine, except for the battery door coming off, and that should be easy to fix?

Fingers crossed I get it back soon.

After my mishap yesterday, I'm now racking my brains for where I can HANG my projects to take photos of them.  But damned if there is an area big enough in this house ... unless I rig up something over a window in the family room and move the couch out of the way?  Maybe when Stew gets home we can try and find somewhere suitable.  

ONWARD... looks like I will be camera-less for up to 4 weeks. And that's just for the assessment to be done. *sigh*

I'm having morning tea in Hamilton.... then heading home.
My hips are coping just fine wandering around the shops...yaaa.

Ok.. so here is why I can't use the clothesline to hang quilts, to take photos:

 ABOVE:  The lines are hanging too low... I am 5'4" tall... and the lines are lower than me!

ABOVE:  The reason the lines are too low.  The clothesline posts are slowly leaning over, I expect them to come out of the ground eventually.  Then Stewy will have to dig them up and re-set them.

ABOVE:  I have potatoes growing.

Lunchtime... off to find food.

Afternoon:  pupppies/kids... bla bla bla.
Evening:  Stew got home safely. 

ANON:  I like my makeup just how I do it... thanks.

Got news today that Donna's Quilt Studio in Hamilton, where I go for classes on Tuesdays is closing down soon.
Lack of business in the shop is the primary reason.  I'm gutted... I really enjoyed those classes.

I might have to investigate what's on at Gordonton now... even though it's much further away.

That's it for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. maria8:04 AM

    Hang the quilt on the clothesline to take photo

    1. When I get home I will show you why that won't work 😊

    2. Maria2:23 PM

      OK works for me as I have a Hills rotary line that you can wind up and down.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Gee Chris, I'm glad you are ok, that could have been worse.
    Do you have s selfy stick? Can you use that to take pics? Google is my go to for ideas! Maybe hive it a look see?
    I hope you feel better soon x
    Sharnee, Melb, Aus.

  3. Glad you're still intact even if the camera isn't. What a bother. And I know what you mean about time flying. I swear the last 10 years went faster than the previous 50!

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Have you tried brown eyeliner instead of black? The black heavy eyeliner is so hard and harsh on you.

    1. Have you tried thinking before you speak? Your words are so hard and harsh on others.

  5. I always add more dirt on top of the greenery of plants so they produce more spuds, get a camera mounted drone lol. Anon have you tried black tape for your hands then your comments wouldn't appear so rude.

  6. A long wait for your camera-bugga. It's a shame about Donnas closing. Thought about you and the classes when I read about it. Different feel at Gordonton.

  7. maybe Stew can make the clothes line taller when he redoes it for you.


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