Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Today I plan on dragging the two teenagers out and about, get them away from 'screens'.

Perhaps a trip into Hamilton to check out what's on at the movies, then a wander around Hamilton Gardens?

Dunno, but I do want to get them out of the house.

ABOVE:  Brylee did it!  I never expected her to get them all blown out in one go!

ABOVE:  This was the little surprise I had for 'J' on sunday.  A blanket for Cuba too.  Now both her dogs have one each.  I couldn't just make one for Quincy eh?

Right, I'm off to start the day... and rouse the kids in an hour or so.


ABOVE: a belated birthday lunch with just me and Brylee at Hamilton Gardens.

I only managed to drag one kid out... Griffin wanted to stay home. So it was just the girl and me.
Which was nice.

We went to Kmart where Missy got some new bras, then we had lunch and a walk around the Hamilton Gardens.

Lots of people there today!

ABOVE:  Who doesn't love fern fronds about to unfurl?

The ducks are too well fed at the lake there... and there's not many of them there either.  So we had a nice walk then came home.

And then I had a nap, cos my shoulder and arm are killing me.
I might just have to cave in and go to the bloody dr tomorrow.  I'm over this pain.  Even if she/he just gives me some strong painkillers, I'd be happy with that.

I've got chicken casserole in the oven... should be a nice dinner.

9.01 pm:  And yes, dinner was lovely.  Chicken breasts sitting on rice risotto.  

Time to bugger off for the day, rather quiet around here without our little Keera!  


  1. Have a good day, Chris! Love the doggie blankets.

  2. Nice. Enjoy your outing together.

  3. Nice we have been trying to make slime without borax haha I'm failing miserably 😂😂

  4. Yes Brylee it's a glass of chocolate and cream and stuff lol, but that look on your face lol, and yes Ma go to the doc and my boobs hurt like sh*t balls arrrrrrr got one heck of a......coming up.....fun not lol x #2

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday Brylee. Good job on blowing out all those candles. You're a beautiful young lady. Enjoy the holidays.

  6. Happy Birthday Brylee!


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