Friday, October 20, 2017


We got the puppies out late last night for play time in the family room before bedtime.

And IKKK!  Shit on puppies.... so it was BATH TIME right then!

They both got chucked in the laundry sink and given a darn good wash!  Sopping wet puppies at 10 pm, not ideal, but necessary.

Then it was playtime:

COCO was not bothered by them at all!  She was tired, she'd been playing with them for a while already and was over them.

She is just so good with them, I knew she would be, but I'm still amazed at how much she tolerates from them.  

They have tried to suckle off her, but she puts her foot down on that idea!  *smiles*

Today I am going to try and get those corner blocks finished and added to the quilt.  Then I can get back up on the kitchen bench and take another photo!  

And that's all I have for now... 


Taaa Daaaaa ...

ABOVE:  I felt the corners needed some red...  so I did the ship wheel.  Do we like it?

I still need to add a thin-ish blue border around the outer edge, then it will be done, till it's quilted and bound.
 ABOVE:  The ship's wheel detail.  Freakin' lot of stitching in them!

ABOVE:  I'm thinking of appliqueing a blue anchor in the middle of the three cream blocks... what do ya think? (that one is paper!)  It will be a real bitch to do as they are in the middle... lots of twisting and turning of LOTS of fabric.  But, it can be done!

I moved a couple of things in the family room.... cos I can.  later!

I went to Weight Watchers.  It was a case of go today, or give up going (AGAIN), and I wasn't gunna do that.
I hadn't been in 3 weeks... and as a consequence I had a gain.  Not HUGE, but big enough.  But, onward, I am not in a race, I'm in a life worth living.  And as my aim was to lose 10 kg a year for 4 years, I'm doing just fine!

Lunch with Stew was lovely, nice to have some 'grown up, just the two of us time'.

After that, home to let puppies out for a run around, then picked up the kids from school and all the usual late afternoon stuff.

Not sure about dinner yet... something easy as it is Friday night!  Silly bugger dinner on Fridays.

10.34 pm:   My batteries just ran out!  I'm struggling to keep me eyes open... off to bed very soon I think.  Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Gorgeous babies and Coco always was a great mum!

  2. Love that quilt...the red wheel I think is great, it looks great and the blue anchor will make it stand out more....just love love love it !

  3. Love the ships wheel and think the anchor will be the perfect addition!

  4. Yes I think it does need the anchors. You nailed it with the res wheels on the corners, it looks perfect.

  5. O I agree- the wheel is perfect and the anchors will be the icing on the cake. The pups are precious.

  6. Yes heartily agree blue anchors I thought it might be too much but is perfect I'm working all weekend night shift then sleeping all day in fact just woke up 145pm lol loving the puppies

  7. Chris I love the ships wheel and oh yes the anchor really sets it off.

  8. Anonymous2:22 PM

    puppies are just adorable. Quilt looks fantastic!! You are so talented!!! And patient!! Corners look amazing.

  9. I like the blue anchor in the cream squares :) Looking marvellous. Pity it's not one you can turn sideways, because if it was wider than it was long you can drape it over the bed that way. (Mum crocheted me a blanket that goes on top of the bed but by turning it sideways it also drapes over the sides further). Loving the puppies!!!!!

    1. It is PLENTY long enough on the sides to hang down on a queen size bed! And bear in mind I still have to add a final blue border and the binding.

  10. The corners are perfect Chris. You are inspirational.

  11. Those puppies look like loads of fun. The quilt turned out great. Havel a wonderful weekend.

  12. Love the quilt corners and the anchors!


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