Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Keera has her school production of 'Moana' today... at lunchtime and again in the evening.

I'm going to the Matinee at midday.  I really don't want to forget!
Someone remind me at 11.30 OK?


I will be home all morning... mucking around in the house, sewing... bla bla bla.

We are expecting Lacy later on tonight... I will be going into Hamilton to pick her up.
I'm not telling Keera a thing, otherwise she will be distracted from her 'Production', which she is super excited about.

GUESS what I have for you now?

ABOVE:  Taaa daaa!  What do ya think of the white pots there???
LOL.  I wonder if I can do anything else and take a photo?  

Nah... I really don't think I can do that to ya.  *smiles*

Right, that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


Ha ha ha!  Just got a text from my girlfriend Sandra down in Palmerston North, reminding me to get down to the hall for Keera's production!
Too funny.

I've done me face and hair...

 ABOVE:  Don't think I look like some haggard old grandma.
Might even 'fit' in with the crowd?

Here's hoping the production is entertaining... 

2.25 PM:  Home from the production.  As Tracy said in a comment, apart from when Keera was on stage, it was quite so-so.  You can't expect much from such young children.  I do believe the kids had fun though.

I couldn't attract Keera's attention when she was on stage, so I don't think she saw me there.  Sad really, I hope she wasn't disappointed.  

I did take a few photos...

ABOVE:  Not good photos, we were not allowed to use our flash.
I got a couple of very wobbly videos too.... not good enough to post though.  But Keera will enjoy them I'm sure.

It's been raining on and off all day too... yet again ... more rain!

9.40 pm:  Keera had her final performance this evening, so I took her, and picked her up again at the end.
Home.  Put her to bed then I went into Hamilton to get Lacy.
Her bus arrived on time, so we are now home.

I will be heading off to bed early, cos I'm tired, for no reason!


  1. Your lookin great Lady.

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You look lovely. As for entertaining, my experience is that the 3 minutes your kid/grandkid is doing their performance is great, the rest is pretty awful :-)

  4. You look great. And I think the white pots really help "mark" your front door.

  5. I love going to school productions hope u enjoyed it and didn't get all rowdy and clap out of time or anything

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    You look gorgeous Chris!! I love the pots :)
    Sharnee, Melb. Australia.

  7. You look great. Can definitely see the weighloss. Well done.

  8. You look fabulous!

  9. Glad you made the performance! I'm sure even though Keera didn't see you she will be stoked to see the pictures & clips & to know that you were there!!!!! You look lovely!!!! No haggard G'ma in sight!!!!!

  10. You are rocking Chris!
    I'm sure as soon as Keera sees the pics you have, she will love that you were there. 💚

  11. Front door looking great, and you look stunning. Keera no doubt will be thrilled to see pics of herself ... RAINED ALL DAY HARD

  12. Chris loved the pic of you...you looking HOT mumma.
    And yes, loved the white pots in the front

  13. Even if she did not see you there, she knew you were going to be do she would have known it, that is part of the security and trust she has with you guys, you don't let her down.

  14. Lovely photo of you Chris. I hope Keera enjoyed taking part in the school production ☺

  15. Holy crap, you look gorgeous Chris. All this walking is agreeing with you.

    Keera looks adorable as always. :)



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